What do Baby Boomers Search on YouTube?

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The topics that baby boomers search on YouTube do stick out

How do baby boomers search on YouTube? Is there a pattern or just random surfing around behavior?

Reports state that 67% of baby boomers watch YouTube, and 44% do it daily. Facebook is still the largest social media for grown-up people, but YouTube is not far from reaching the same level and even surpassing it.

The truth is that there is a clear tendency for what baby boomers search on YouTube. According to Google, the most watched categories are entertainment, music, and news.

The different generations watch fairly similar content. However, the goal might be different. Baby boomers use to watch videos on YouTube to save time.

But there are also other topics catching boomers’ attention, like:

  • Learning about technology
  • Watching tutorials and guides
  • Accessing “how-to” content
  • Staying “in-the-know”
  • Videos content most preferred…

The question of why baby boomers like video content so much can be summarized in three words:

  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Relatable
  • Entertaining

In this new Internet era, videos are the marketer’s best friend. They help in expressing and interacting better than text or images. Baby boomers are becoming more associated with YouTube than any other generation, as the platform helps them to stay engaged, plan a better retirement, learn new things, and connect completely new ideas.

Daily, thousands of people are turning to retirement with more time to do other things than they were used to during their long time in the working environment. This generation optimizes their time to learn on YouTube, and according to surveys, it’s right now the most YouTube-using generation. One out of three boomers uses YouTube to learn about products and services...Read More!>>

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