Why Use A Gravatar?

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What Is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is a "Globably Recognized Avatar". 

After you have signed up for a Gravatar once, you don't ever have to waste time entering all of your personal details when you join a discussion or leave a comment on a blog post or other article that grabs your interest around the web.

You simply enter your email address in the appropriate comment field and the website pulls in your Gravatar profile information including your photo, name, short bio, email address and links to your website/s. This information is displayed next to your comment (if the moderator approves it) within a pop up box that appears when a user hovers over your name. These data boxes are called "Gravatar Hovercards". Gravatar Hovercards are a good thing because the reader may choose to click your link to visit your site. That backlink will have a positive impact on your SEO efforts by boosting the authority and keyword ranking potential of your own website.

Gravatar is not supported by every website on the internet but it is supported by WordPress websites and those that employ the popular Disquss commenting system so that covers many millions of websites.

To grab your own Gravatar profile, simply visit http://en.gravatar.com/ and click the 


image to sign in with your own WordPress.com account.

If you don't have a free WordPress.com account don't worry because you'll be able to register one at the same time.

Then almost anytime you comment on a blog or website you won't have to waste time adding your personal details ever again.

So don't delay, for the sake of 10 minutes you can get your very own personalised Gravatar today!

What is a Favicon?

As a final aside, I just wanted to clarify what a favicon is because it often gets confused with a Gravatar.

A "favicon" is the little image that you sometimes see in the browser tab displayed next to the
"Title" of the URL being displayed. Here is an example from my own website BradleyTomkins.com


You can see that there is a little picture of me next to the "title". That picture is the favicon.

It's just there for aesthetics, really.

Somewhat confusingly, the favicon can also be referred to as the "Blavatar" ie blog avatar.

Blavatar is a term invented by the WordPress.com team but it means the same as favicon.

Your favicon can often be set inside of your WordPress "Settings" tab but if your theme does not allow that then you'll often find the relevant option in the "Appearance/Customise" tab or the specific Options tab that is specific to the premium theme you are using.

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