When Are You Too Old for an Online Business?

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 What are you too old for? Maybe the answer you don't expect….

Are you too old for something in life? Such a simple question should require a simple answer, don't you think so?

Frankly speaking, how often do you hear somebody telling you: "You are too old for this?" Quite seldom, right? But how often do people insinuate that you are too old for something you have in mind?

Our society is configured in a certain way, and we have a tendency to group ages into different categories. It goes from everything from the way to dress to the way we "should" behave.

A lot of people feel comfortable belonging to a specific category and act accordingly. They will never feel too old within their segment, neither too young. It's a ready-made comfort zone where nobody will criticize what you're doing.

All new challenges in life require some sort of skill development. Where a lot of people go wrong is when they believe that skill development is age-sensitive.

Instead of asking yourself, "are you too old for this" answer the question by saying, "you are never too old to learn new things." That way, it will all get a different approach.

"You can't escape time, but you can choose to embrace it as an asset and just start your life over again."

Do you see the pattern? You decide what to do and when to do it. You are never too old, as your willingness to do something isn't age-related.... Continue Reading!>>

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