When Ignorance Costs A Lot

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Ignorance, I am full of it and you are full of it. Sorry to say, but we are ignorant by a certain degree, however, it depends on what areas of knowledge it is. Ignorance is a natural product of our lack of understanding of many things in life, topic, people etc. We are no beings capable of holding and understand vast amount of knowledge in a short amount of time. If we want to stay at the top of the competition in life, we have no choice but to strive to be not ignorant on whatever it is we want to pursue. In entrepreneurship, the battle between ignorance and knowledge is crucial, because modern day markets are heavily data-driven. One or two lacking sets of data is enough to result an entire business, that’s why most business runs by this logic, the more we know, the better.


What sets the majority of the people apart from the successful entrepreneurs? Have you ever heard from other people wanting to be rich? But are always wasting their time on things that don’t benefit them. Or people who complain about the rich people, but don’t do as much effort on building themselves to be successful (self-investment - knowledge etc). This is the sad truth about ignorance, at the very beginning of a successful person’s life, they have to walk extra miles just to accomplish their goals. You see, most people don’t see how much effort and dedication successful entrepreneurs have to do at the beginning of their journey, but only the lavish lifestyle they create after that struggle. Most people fail to understand that successful people invest a lot in their knowledge and education. This doesn’t have to be the schooling system but the strive to know more and be better than others in their chosen fields/markets etc. You don’t have to be a PhD certificate holder to be a millionaire, all you have to do is to be knowledgeable and competitive in whatever you do.

Let me tell you a short story. One day I went to a zoo, I noticed that they were doing some experimental studies on monkeys. In the experiment, a monkey is given a choice to choose between a bunch of bananas or fruit-bearing seedlings of different types with video instructions on how. When both were presented to the monkey, the monkey didn’t hesitate to pick the banana and continued on its daily business. Now, taking this short story as an analogy between humans, we will see a fairly similar result. Many people encounter things in life that will give them many opportunities and success, however, people tend to gravitate away from these opportunities and prefer their way of living within the realms of their understanding. Like the monkey, people are more likely to choose a fixed salary based job over business opportunities. The worst part is, even though they know that they will benefit a lot from changing their ways by studying more or be more productive, they do not take actions and continue with their ways, then eventually complain.

How can you combat this mindset that detracts you from learning the opportunities the world can give you? Let’s be honest, I am sure you know more than one modern business models that work but you didn’t try it yourself because you can’t be bothered. Now, why not do this challenge to improve your capabilities. Most modern business ideas revolve around the internet, and that can be from creating contents on YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Instagram etc. I know it might sound ridiculous to you. But the truth is, it isn’t ridiculous at all if it works, right? Choose a platform you are comfortable to create with, if it is YouTube then it is video-based, if Facebook then it will be video, image, or text-based. If you are comfortable with just images, then I suggest Instagram. All you have to do is create a content weekly or daily if possible, make sure you create at least 5 contents in advance so it will be easier to plan and publish. Research and learn all the things you need to be good at the platform you choose and publish content consistently, don’t forget to bring out your inner creativity. This will not be easy and your progress will always start slow, only after the 6th month or more of consistently publishing will you see something big in your effort. This is a progress, you cannot be successful without going through the basics. If you prefer a more strategised system with proven results, why not try this link HERE, this is an education platform that will teach you everything from mindset to how to capitalise on the online market. There are mentors and successful members alike that comprises the community for you take part in. Anyway, thank you for reading this blog and I hope you take my advice seriously and work on it as soon as possible.

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