Why Online Business for Seniors is a Good Combination 

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It's time to take online business for seniors seriously

Online business for seniors is something that you almost took as a joke just some years ago. The number of older people who run their own business is growing steadily.

According to an OECD report, the number of self-employed seniors is increasing. During the period 2002-2018, the number of self-employed seniors (50-64 years old in the EU increased by 35%. For the group 65-74 years old, the figure rose to 40%.

Add to the equation that, in general terms, pension funds to finance a decent living when retiring constantly are decreasing. It's more a rule than an exception that you need to rely on private savings if your retirement not will be a negative surprise for you.

People are gradually becoming aware of this sad financial reality and start to look around for solutions. Online business for seniors is among the most popular paths in search for a different life as retired.

Many seniors who want to earn extra money in retirement turn to their favorite hobbies as a starting point. Pushing the start button for some brainstorming, there are multiple reasons why online business for seniors is a perfect fit.

Your life experience is something unique that younger generations, for obvious reasons, don't have. Do not ignore that experience. Among other advantages, it will help you a lot to make clever and more though trough decisions.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many prefer to stay at home. The home office concept is nowadays almost something institutionalized. To start something from home becomes natural. If you try out a business online, you will have a low overhead cost from day one.....Continue reading!>> 

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