Why You Always Need to Have a Plan B

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If you have a plan B you will always be ahead of the rest

To have a plan B is something that many people don’t pay much attention to. But the truth is that we all need to have a plan B.

Have you ever noticed that parachutists have a reserve parachute besides the principal one? The reason why is quite obvious. If something goes wrong with the main one, there is an additional opportunity to avoid a disaster – a plan B.

Hopefully, this short introduction, once and for all, will kill the idea of a failure to have a plan B.

You often hear that successful entrepreneurs make a lot of failures. It’s an essential part of entrepreneurship. In the end, it’s the route to the final goal, and that the business takes off.

Have you ever been to an airport and suddenly your flight is canceled? You will immediately recognize three different groups of people:

  1. People who let their frustration turn into anger. They start to scream and express their dissatisfaction with strong words and even insults. They usually don’t achieve anything more than feeding their own anger
  2. Then we have the group who just accept the situation without any type of reaction, but waiting for instructions from the airline about what will be the next step to take
  3. Finally, you will find a smaller group of people who actually try to find a solution that will fit into their unique situation

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