Why You Should Take Baby Boom Consumers and Technology Seriously

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Baby boom consumers still outspend millennials

Baby boom consumers are not mentioned with sufficient power anywhere. It's more like a peripherical topic that occurs to somebody to write about on certain occasions. Here we are going to give it the place it deserves in society. 

In recent research by Visa, the baby boom consumers over 60 are increasing. In contrast, the spending among younger consumers is expected to decline over the next 10 years.

Chances are you know somebody between the ages of 12 and 30, maybe your child, grandchild or some other relative. You've seen them doing multiple things at the same time: uploading videos, downloading music, texting to a friend, watching a movie, and on top of that, also interacting on Facebook. 

This is the new generation grown up in an entirely digital environment. It's not only the latest generation but also a global phenomenon that's here to stay.

It's a generation adopting a new way of thinking, working, socializing, and interacting in general. 

As seniors, we grew up with an entirely different way of thinking. Seniority typically gave authority based on continued education and achieved experience. For the first time, a younger generation can change the world, and all due to the fast-growing digital technology.

The old traditional education institutions are suffering, and in some cases, they have problems filling up the programs with students.

Was it a coincidence that neither Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, nor Mark Zuckerberg ever concluded their university studies?

Whatever will happen, all experts agree that education will never be the same again after the pandemic.....Continue reading>>