Winning with Attitude

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However many qualifications you may have, they are all secondary to attitude.

The very first thing you need to nurture is the can-do attitude. I can be the best I want to be. It’s one of the first mantras that you need to adopt and repeat often and regular to yourself.

Of course, what you want to be is entirely up to you. I am not in the business of creating dreams and goals for you. For sure you have your own and I know that by embarking on this journey that dreams and opportunities will open for you along the way.

What I am calling attitude, you could also call Mindset. If your mindset is that you could never achieve this or that – and there will be that little voice in your head offering many reasons why your dreams could never be reality – that will be the outcome. You will not achieve that potential which surely exists for you. If you think like that – at least up until now – then you are not alone. Over 90% of the world think much the same way.

If you find yourself drawn to blogs, videos and posts that are about making change than your journey has already begun. You are already on your way to joining the 5% or so of the world’s population who do achieve wonderful lives through their focus and following just the kind of mindset that we talking about. Its a Winning Attitude.

This Mindset is like a structure – or perhaps a more pleasant image is a garden. Not a mature garden with all the plants laid out and finessed, but one which has had the soil turned and prepared with nutrient of one kind or another. The journey you are undertaking with all the wonderful information that will be shared with you is like springtime for the garden, but you will need to tend it.

That’s why the Mindset – this attitude – must persist through all that you do. You need to start the day with this attitude and let it fortify you as all of the inevitable challenges arise. Just watch how people react when you meet them with this positive enthusiastic attitude. Look who gravitates towards you and who you find yourselves gravitating towards.

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The company you keep matters.

One person with great attitude lights up a room– 2 or more and you can feel the positivity in the air. When you walk in that room with a smile on your face and spring in your step you lift all around you.  As the author James Allen says, ‘Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are’ In my experience, that’s exactly right. You will gravitate towards those who share your positivity and vice versa.

You will also reflect on some of the people in your life up to now who had the opposite effect on you. Spending time with them leaves you drained. It’s not about being judgemental about these people – who is to say what journey they are on – But if you are to deliver for yourself and achieve all that you desire you will have to choose your company.

As your Journey continues, you will determine your techniques and train your mind to start each day with this positive attitude. Its better to resolve to do this than the actual processes or techniques you take, but be assured that there is a way – many ways in fact - that you can co-opt to suit you.

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