X Addiction in Recovery

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Cross Addiction -

When you switch from one addcition to another addiction, bei it a chemical or behaviour.

Hi it's Dermot again. If you read my last blog from 12th May, you will know that this is a follow up to that blog and part of a "Recovery from Addiction Series", If not read on:


What is cross-addiction ?

“The Transfer from One Addictive Substance or Behaviour to Another”.
In Early Recovery, this can be due to being Un Aware of the Possible Dangers.

Why do we cross-addict ?

“Nature abhors a vacuum”
Racing ahead of ourselves, not keeping it in the day

I used to take it or leave it, before, so why not now ?

New Enslaver or Master.
Return to Drug of Choice.
Multiple Addictions.
Alcohol for Cocaine, Valium for Marijuana, Codeine for Alcohol.

If I use another substance, is it a relapse?

"Most Definitely".

Claiming Ignorance Can Not be Used as an Excuse.
Addiction will Justify, Rationalize, Minimize and Deny any Responsibility.

Why would I take it ?

To Relax.
To De-Stress.
For Depression.
Euphoric recall.
Addiction - Cunning, Baffling and Powerful.

Can Cross-addiction,Be like Denial ?

“I can’t Live Without Some Chemicals in My Life”.
“I know I can’t Drink, but a Little Marijuana Won’t Hurt”.
“Heroin wasn’t Legal but Codeine is Legal and Not as Dangerous”.
“G.P. Scripts are Okay, as they Can‘t be Wrong, sure they are Doctors”.

How Does Cross- Addiction Work?

Filling Old Habits & Routines.
Satisfying The “Feel Good Factor”.
To Avoid Psychological Discomfort .
To Avoid Reality.
To Mask Emotional Pain.

What are Addictive Behaviours ?

“Normal Behaviours done to Excess that Become Compulsive and Obsessive, and can become Harmful”
Temporarily Filling the Void.
Replacing Artificial Highs with Natural Highs.

Compulsive  Behaviours

Spending/ Shopping.
Gambling (Not Pathological Gambling Disorder).
Eating (Not Eating Disorders).
Thrill Seeking.

How can I avoid cross-addicting ?

Avoid Dangerous People, Places and Situations
A Quest for Wholeness & Balance.
Higher Power.
Search for a Meaning and Purpose in Your Life.
AA, GA, NA, and any other Fellowship.


Using other chemicals is a relapse and is very dangerous as it will lead back to your drug of choice or multiple addictions.
Addictive behaviours are more common place in early recovery and would not be considered a relapse but a balance must be sought so as not to become dependant or obsessive.
Use your common sense as its not rocket science.

This is my last article in "Recovery in Addiction" Series. I hope you enjoyed these blogs and that you got value from them. I would Love to hear some feed back from you and even any input you might have on recovery. Thank you very much for your following. 

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