5 reasons to love what you do.

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I have to admit I've been a bit down in the dumps lately. I really can't afford to though because I have to come up with inspirational stuff for the writing I do. Blog posts like this one when I work on my business each day. So, I think the easiest way to go about my tasks is to come up with content that feels absolutely natural to me as opposed to forcing myself to write about contrived stuff.

I went for a walk just this morning and as I was on my way, I caught a glimpse of the ocean through the houses across the street. It was a glorious site I'd totally forgotten about because this is where I live. My mind had moved on to other things even though I initially eagerly promised myself that I'd visit the ocean daily when I arrived here. How could I forget about this refreshing invigorating, revitalizing and inspirational sight? Whenever I see the ocean, I am Inspired. Inspiration is food to me. I'm grateful once again.

I was just as inspired when I came across an impressive website on the internet. I'm constantly scouring it for anything new and interesting. I landed on a site which addressed who I am as a person. You see, I've felt a void in my life for empowering work. I always get bored because I've got to be fulfilled. It' just the way I was made. Usually, once I figure out the processes of a company, how it's departments interact and how it reaches its goal of selling its products and services, for example, my interest takes a nose dive then follows the death of that job by quitting.

Here are 5 reasons this company works for me.

1. They talked about how I can take control of my own company by starting an internet business that will be sure to thrive once the rules of the game had been responsibly followed. The business could be conducted anywhere a laptop computer could operate. That's anywhere in the world!

Now I was excited. I want my freedom! I thought.

2. Not only this, but the company claimed to host members from many English speaking countries namely the US, Canada, Australia and the UK etc. Being a British citizen myself, and being one who appreciates being surrounded by other like-minded people with similar interest as opposed to working in isolation peaked my interest.

Now I was very interested.

3. They also boasted a state of the art customer service portal with on-call help from real people. they would help you tackle any challenges you might encounter by pointing you in the right direction on the site.

I've always appreciated live support. I mean, where can you get that on the internet these days?

4. One more thing I appreciated reading about this internet company is the fact that my time would be my own giving me extra hours to spend on other things I deem important, like my children, maybe!

I could really join forces with a company like that! I said.

5. The company educates people on affiliate marketing and if you don't know it, affiliate marketing is the thing to learn today because it can be quite lucrative. They also encourage you to promote your own interests once you have learned the ropes and seen that it works. It can then be applied to any goods and services.

That was the day I joined The Six Figure Mentors and got total fulfillment because they're just like me. 


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