Are We Robots or Humans??

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Do you wake up early in the morning for work by a dreaded alarm?

After dragging yourself out of bed, do you spend your first waking hour prepping for work?

Do you then hop in your car only to have to deal with peak hour traffic in order to commute to work?


After your stressful commute, is the next 8 - 12 hours of your day, or perhaps more, dedicated to your form of employment?

Once you've completed your 8 - 12 hours of work at your workplace, do you then have to deal with the same peak hour traffic you dealt with in the morning to get yourself home?

And when you finally get home, are you able to give your family the energy they deserve or has your workday left you spent?


Even worse...

Due to work deadlines, do you need to spend even more time at home dedicated to your form of employment rather than give precious time to your family?


......Only to have to go to bed to get up the next day and do the same thing





And then there's the weekend - that's if you actually get one.

Do you spend it wanting to recover from your hard working week, however, because pigs don't fly, the possibility of that is non-existent. There are duties that need doing at home as well as social and family obligations to meet. 

Then Sunday night hits where you can't help but think (in a sarcastic manner)....... Yay, I get to start all over again on Monday? 

Sound almost robotic doesn't it, not to mention depressing.

I have one more question for you... 

Do you believe you were put on this earth to simply operate like a robot? And for what - to earn money to meet financial obligations? 

Surely there's more to life than this.

I mean, where was the "You" time. Where was the time where "You" got to do what "You" truly wanted??


Well, there is a way to earn income that can provide "You" with "You time".


We are living in exciting times;

The Digital Age.

Sure, some see it as negative.

Personally, I see it as positive, especially with regards to creating a life I desire.


The digital age can allow us to work from home - no need to deal with peak hour traffic to commute to a workplace. No need to waste 1 to 2 to even 3 hours a day commuting to and from work.

Imagine how much free time that can provide for you....

Imagine what you could do with that free time.....


The digital age can allow us to start up our own business with minimal upfront cost. For starters, working from home means there is no need to rent space to work from. The cost of starting up and owning your own website is far less than the cost of setting up a shop front. Should your business be purely digital then there is no need to purchase much in the way of capital at all. You may not even have to purchase stock.

The digital age can provide a way to earn income in a way that will provide time freedom. Sure, there will be some extra time needed to set up the business, but once set up, and with the use of an autoresponder, you could reduce your work hours to around 3 per day - How great is that! You could actually provide yourself with time to do all the things you enjoy. 

The digital age can allow us to choose our own working hours - Mmmm, no more morning alarm needed. Wake up naturally and plan your working hours around your lifestyle choices. Gee, you could plan the things you like doing for leisure first and then work your income earning activities around that. Pretty cool huh.

The digital age can allow us to earn income from doing something we are truly passionate about - No matter what your niche is, there is a way to earn income from it online.

I have a friend who is a musician. She is starting a business where she uploads 2-minute recordings of her music to a library that is used by the media to find tracks for such things as advertisements, documentaries, movies or TV series. The media actually pay her to use the music she has uploaded to the music library.

There are many people who blog (and video blog known as vlogging) about their passion. These bloggers earn money from businesses choosing to advertise on their blogging sites. The great thing about this is, you are not only earning money doing something you love, but you are also helping people who are into the same niche as you.

And do I need to go into all those people who have made thousands via Youtube simply because they chose to upload a video which ended up becoming viral...


So to answer the question posed

That being "Are We Robots or Humans?" 

We really need to ask ourselves

Why were we placed on this earth?

Do we have a greater purpose that is far more meaningful than slogging out the 9 - 5.

Are we meant to operate like robots with each day a rinse and repeat of the day before, leaving little to no time to give to our true desires?

Surely we are far more than that!

Remember a time when you were in your element.


Were you doing something you enjoyed? Were you fully in the moment appreciating where you were at? 

Or were you just in "rinse and repeat" mode?

I think not.

Let's learn to let go of our fears.

As the saying goes, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

Let's allow the robots to do the mundane stuff so that we gain the time freedom to absorb ourselves into our true passions.

Isn't that when we are happiest?

If so, doesn't that mean that when we absorb ourselves into our passions we are expressing who we truly are?

Let's get back to our true selves.

Now is the time!


In fact, it's the best time ever considering how much technology has advanced.

It's the best time to take advantage of the digital world so we can create our ultimate lifestyle - a lifestyle we truly deserve.

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

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