Figuring Out Where To Go From Here

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Are you in a Position where you just Don't Know What Direction to Head regarding your Career?

Perhaps you aren't sure exactly what it is you want to do.

I was in that same position 3 and a 1/2 years ago when I lost my job working at a government owned fitness centre. The government shut the centre down meaning everyone working there had to find a new job.

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do as a way to earn income. One thing I did know was that I no longer wanted to work in the fitness industry. I had spent 18 years there so needed a change.

Luckily I found a job to get me by and that was certainly all it was, a job to get me by.

I remember telling my partner how much I "hated" the job and the "h" word is not something I use very often. From this I'm sure you can guess I felt no passion for the job what so ever.

So, how did I get through it?

By changing things around.

I'm not the kind of person who dwells in the negative so I decided to focus on all the things I enjoyed both as part of my job and as part of my every day life.

Initially this was tough. I had to move through fears brought up by my new job with insecure hours and an insecure income. Some weeks I'd be lucky to make $200.

I remember the anxiety I felt regarding how I would meet incoming expences such as:

my morgage,

quarterly bills and

weekly grocery necessities.

Every time my boss told me I had no work the next day my stomach would knot up.

Fears of lack would surface.

I became frustrated at the fact I had no control over the income I earned, feeling like a puppet on a string, being controlled by what someone else thought I should earn, or not earn, for any given week.

I had no choice but to surrender and just "let go".

Fears concerning money did not serve me at all. 

It was at this point of letting go that I was able to turn things around.

As I mentioned ealier, I'm not the kind of person who lingers on negative feelings. I much prefer to feel a positive state of mind where I am happy, motivated and energised. 

I decided to enjoy the free time rather than be fearful of any "lack" that time off might produce.

I appreciated the fact that I could train during any part of the day I chose without interuption, be that a bike ride, a run or weight training session.

I enjoyed working in the garden, completing projects around the house, spending time producing peices of art, get chores done during the week so I could enjoy weekends relaxing, socialising and being with my partner.

The list goes on.

I actually ended up appreciating and desiring more time off. I prefer doing what I want, when I want, because I want and discovered I had the self motivation to live my way of life.

Fear concerning lack of money diminished as things would always work out well enought for me to "get by".

Of course I still had to work when there was work. I found things to be appreciative for and focused on those things.

My job involves a lot of driving. I appreciated and gave thanks for times when I drove during non peak hour traffic times.

When assigned jobs that were far from home I brought my fitness gear with me and appreciated being able to train in different surroundings.

I appreciated the times I was stuck in my car by bringing reading material - self development books.

Parts of my job involve working from home such as various admin work and report writing. I discovered I really enjoyed working from home, something I never knew prior to my new role.

There were more and more things I found to appreciate.

Why am I telling you this?

Through experience I have found:

  • That if I focus on the things I do like and eliminate worry, stress, anxiety and fear, then more of what I like is presented to me.

It is true, like attracts like.

What ever state of mind I am in creates more of that same state of mind. Even my job, the job I disliked so much, came to a pinnacle of the best it could be for me.

Then it happened.

After experiencing the pinnacle, the things that made the job gel for me were taken away.

That was it.

I felt pretty peeved to say the least.

I could no longer "put up with" anything less than the job at it's best ( and even that was pretty dismal knowing what I now know about myself).

I realised that the job would never provide what it was I knew I was creating.

I craved something new.

My main focus had been enjoying free time to do as I please and being able to work from home. I also enjoyed being 100% responsible for creating my day. I did not need a boss interfering in a way that brought me down. Then of course there's the joy I could feel being able to spend money freely.

All the mind work I had done focusing on my "likes" presented me with an opportunity:

  • The opportunity to work for myself from home.
  • The opportunity to be my own boss, knowing I will do a far better job of it.
  • The opportunity to structure my income earning hours around my lifestyle choices. 
  • The opportunity to earn more income.
  • The opportunity to enjoy more of the things I enjoy.

Maybe you are looking for the same opportunities I have mentioned.

I have started my next chapter with SFM. You might like to as well. There's no harm in having a look to find out if it's something you might be interested in. It's obligation free so what have you got to lose.

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

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