The Value of Vulnerability

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I am a member of "Six Figure Mentors" and part of my learning is to do a "90 Day Video Challenge". This involves talking about my day, my experiences and about how I am feeling and just being totally honest and open, or least trying to be. Although these videos are shared with the rest of the 90 Day group, the main purpose of them is for your own self development, they are not always viewed by other people.

These videos can either be broadcast live to the "90 Day Video Challenge" Facebook group, or pre recorded and posted later. As I was at work at the time and had no internet connection, I pre recorded my video.

When I got home I posted my video, and shortly after posting my video I started getting likes and messages coming in thick and fast. When I started to open these likes and messages I came to realise that they were not coming from other members of the "90 Day Video Challenge" Group, but from my OTHER friends in Facebook. It was then that I realised that I had posted in “public” and had broadcast to the whole of Facebook!!.

Initially I thought “Oh my God”, but instead of feeling mortified, I started to laugh uncontrollably, and not out of nerves’ either, It was out of relief. I had unwittingly just made myself vulnerable to the whole of Facebook, and it felt good! You know how you feel when you eventually tell the truth after concealing a lie, well strangely the same, liberating!!

The response & support I received from my friends on Facebook was completely overwhelming. Through my honesty I had given huge value and received huge value back. It was an extremely humbling experience. People could relate and identify with me and that also made them stop and reflect on themselves.

Would I do it again, probably yes, if I felt it would help others, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it just yet.

Since joining the SFM, I have found the biggest benefit is the community spirit, the encouragement and support from other like minded people, to keep going, keep taking risks & pushing the boundaries. No matter how overwhelming it can be.

I am under no illusion of acquiring the “Laptop Lifestyle” or becoming a “Jetsetter”, but the experience & growth I am gaining both internally, as a person, and technical skill set with the internet will stay with me for a life time.

If you’d like to join me on this journey of self discovery, click the link below and watch the introductory videos at least. Its free & what is there to lose?

I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog. › › Videos

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