Where have all the wise people gone?

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Where are the wise people?

We now live in a super intelligent, clever World with the internet and all the mod cons you can think of. Scientists are inventing amazing things and improving on things already invented. Modern medicine is making major breakthroughs and creating treatments and cures for all types of cancers and other diseases. The advances in Artificial Intelligence are frightening, to say the least.

Clever though, but not wise.

So with all these advances in science and technology, are we any wiser?


We have become smarter, more clever, intelligent, but less wise.

So what is wisdom?

"def: wis·dom
[ wiz-d uhm]
1.the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.
2.scholarly knowledge or learning: the wisdom of the schools.
3.wise sayings or teachings; precepts.
4.a wise act or saying.
5.(initial capital letter) Douay Bible. Wisdom of Solomon
Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash"

Wisdom is older than mankind, wisdom is spiritual, wisdom is instinctual, wisdom is being part of a group or community, wisdom is family, wisdom is experiencing life on life’s terms, wisdom is telling stories, wisdom is acceptance of what is, wisdom is at one with nature, wisdom is Devine.

The Universe is wise, nature is wise, God is wise.

Humans are a part of all 3: the Universe, Nature & God, but we have become blinded to the wisdom of the ages by our own big egos and self-importance.

Wisdom is a balance between all things, and if you upset that balance then you are not wise.

Unfortunately, in society today, as has been throughout the ages, the more intelligent we have become as a society and species, the less wise we are getting.

Wisdom creates, it doesn’t destroy. “Intelligence in the service of madness” is what Eckhart Tolle quotes.

We have built weapons of mass destruction that could destroy this world many times over at a cost that could have provided every single person on Earth the basic necessities of food, water, shelter, clothing, education, and even jobs.

We are slowly poisoning everything including ourselves.

We are not taking seriously enough the plight of our planet, but only do the little bit that we can out of guilt, not out of concern.

We care less about what the generations to come will inherit.

Is this wisdom?

I’m sure you have all heard this already and most of us, me included, shrug our shoulders and say, “well at least it’s not me, and anyway what can I do about it, I’m not the government”

That attitude is prevalent in today’s society and it is a totally deluded way of looking at life and the World.

Every single one of us makes up the society and world we live in. Blaming governments and big corporations cannot be an excuse anymore.

Wisdom is NOT burying your head in the sand.

Intelligent cleverness has made us selfish, uncaring, greedy, with a “what’s in it for me?” attitude.

Devoid Of reality

The current generation, the millennials, are totally preoccupied with their online presence and obsessed with what everyone else is doing online, are they even aware of what is going on around them?

It’s hard to say, “celebrityitis” gone mad. And if they don’t want to be celebrities, they want to be affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. (Guilty as charged & I was born with the Hippies)

Slowing Down

Who sits and listens to a pensioner anymore? My father-in-law is in his eighties, he is hard to understand at times, but he is never short of a story to tell. It is interesting to just slow down and listen to him talk about life gone by, what it was like, the trials and tribulations. I find my mind wandering off to a time gone by with steam trains & bicycles and wide open spaces.

We don’t do that anymore, we don’t tell stories, we don’t talk from the heart, talk about how we feel, or about what’s going on. We all sit in the same room in the same house, on rare occasions, stuck to our “not so smart” smartphones, tv on for background noise. I know I’m as equally guilty of doing the same.

Is that wise?

I remember all the way back to the late ’90s or early ’00s, I was watching an episode of Two and a Half Men and 2 kids were sitting with laptops messaging each other and laughing. Charlie Sheen’s character came into the room and asked what are they doing and they replied, talking to each other. It was hilarious at the time and the audience was in stitches, as it just looked so insane. But guess what it came true, the only problem is we don’t talk to each other, but to so-called “Facebook” friends on the other side of the planet!! We are not wise!!

So what do we need to do now?

Firstly put down the “not so smart” smartphone, look each other in the eye and just ask “How are you today?” and have a conversation, talk about anything, even the weather, but just talk.

Why not get out a board game or play charades, have a laugh, some fun, do something silly and enjoy each others’ company.

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyed.

You will find your love will grow, your appreciation for each other will grow, your gratitude for the smaller things in life will grow and you will become truly wise.

Get in touch with the wise person in you & let the wisdom come back.

Call to Action

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