Your best investment for the next 10 years


A four-year college education alone is not enough these days to craft a better life or to prove that you have something to offer in your career and social circles. We are in an information age where you can find seemingly endless amounts of information about a wide range of topics from around the world with a few mouse clicks or finger taps. Best yet, you do not need to waste money on continuing education courses. Many people, including educators, business, workers and other topic experts freely share their knowledge online with anyone who is willing and capable of learning through free education sites, social media platforms, blogs and video channels. Your best investment for the next ten years is yourself. In as little as 2 hours a day or even a week, you can learn so much, including new work skills, methods for bettering your home life and relationships and tips for saving time and money. When you share this knowledge with others, you then become known as an "expert" who people can turn to for more information. You can use that expertise as leverage when interviewing for a new position or to attract more customers and increase revenues.

Jean Laguerre, DM


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