Youth No Jobs For Good

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Youth Without Jobs All Life Long

Are you young, well educated, maybe with a degree or even a master, and are worried because you are not able to find a decent job?

Well, I have a terrible new for you: according to the World Economic Forum, there are more than 50% possibilities that in the next future you will not be able to find any kind of job at all.

All these factors are against you: 

  • Fast decline in Office and Administrative roles
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Manufacturing and production done in the 3th or 4th world
  • Climate changes
  • Labour-substituting technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud technology 
  • Robotics

So, what to do? Stay at home and doing nothing? Hang out with friends eating and drinking as if there is no future? Going abroad hoping to find better opportunities? Gathering with others like you and using the crisis as an excuse to out-mourn each other? Or yelling out and crashing everything as we have seen so many times during rallies against globalization? 

It seems a downward spiral from which there is no escape, and actually, it is if you continue to think in a traditional way as school, parents, society all have taught you.

You have to start thinking out of the choir and, almost immediately, choose the less followed path. Only acting with a new mentality you can reach success, richness, prosperity, and happiness.

The solution is to develop an independent small business, one you can operate directly from your home or everywhere with only a laptop and an internet connection. A business that requires a small investment and built to $20.000 - $ 40.000 per years income level, even more, if you are good at it.

I realize this sound too simple to be true, but it's being just done by thousand of people in these recent years.

I'm one of them.

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