4 Ways How To Advertise A Product

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Present your product to the World and make it stand out!

There are several proven ways how to advertise a product in the modern digital environment while all attraction is on our mobile devices.

You need customers? This helps you get them!

I provide you with my 4 most preferred ways to use the online space for advertisement here and provide you some insights about the art of using these platforms. If you need more basic information you might consider educate yourself to avoid losing a lot of money.

It really depends on the product you want to advertise and how much effort you want to put into your campaign. Each platform in the online space has its own characteristics and people are in a different mood on any platform.

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Make sure the product you sell generates more revenue for you than the Ads cost!

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Always test your Ads first with a low budget so if they work you can increase the budget step by step.

1. Google - The classic

Google is often compared to the yellow pages in the offline space where people are looking for products, services, and solutions while they want answers to their questions or possibly a fast purchase.

Google uses PPC (Pay per click) advertising through their Adwords platform. This means you pay for each click on your campaign.

First of all, you need to set up your Adwords account in the Google online space.

In the tools section (top right) you have access to a tool called the keyword planner, where you can research the price per click of each keyword you want to use.

Tip I: The keyword(s) you choose should be reflected on your website or product page so the visitor instantly feels he is in the right place.

Then you need to write a short text snippet, called the copy to best describe your product and be more attractive in the Google search listings.

Tip II: Use Google itself to get ideas about the keywords to consider. If you start typing words into the classic Google search it will show you different options of search terms people are actually searching for.

The mission as an advertiser is to connect the searching person to your website or your blog, where they get more information about the product or where they can directly purchase.

You might want to consider providing a deeper insight into why the visitor should purchase your product on the website, connected to your Google Ad.

For exact instructions, this Youtube Tutorial might help you.

2. Youtube

Youtube is part of Google and the advertising also works through the Google Adwords platform.

Youtube Advertising might be compared to TV Advertising in the offline space.

Youtube is PPV (Pay per view) driven but Google provides several more places to advertise on the platform then just before the actual video starts.

To advertise a product on Youtube is a little more time consuming than to advertise on Google as you need a promotional video and a good copy (text snippets such as title and description).

People around the world are watching videos on Youtube and some are looking for entertainment, others are looking for tutorials and informational videos while your Ads will be shown at random moments to the consumer.

In comparison to Google Ads where you have to attract through just a short text snippet, you can use your video to provide specific information about your product and sort those who are really interested in your product from those who are not interested in buying anyway.

Depending on your product it becomes more usual these days to use longer videos and not stick with the 30 seconds paradigm coming from the TV Ad times.

Your video should have a determined structure:
I) Introduction to catch the attention of the viewer and avoid to skip.
II) Background information WHY the viewer should consider your product. (What was he searching for?)
III) Description of your product to establish awareness about the solution you provide for his needs.

For exact instructions on how to setup your Youtube Ads you might want to watch the tutorial below.

3. Bing (Search engine of Microsoft and Yahoo)

Bing is similar to Google concerning advertising but as it is less popular you might get cheaper clicks to your product page and spend less for your advertising.

All the information about Google Ads under 1. also are true for Bing Ads just the interface looks a little different but the Google tools are more developed for researching your Keywords.

You might think Bing would not be so relevant, as Google is much more famous and has a much bigger market share but there is one big issue to consider:
Bing is part of the Microsoft Systems and set as default search engine in the operating system!
Most users do not change the default behavior of the system so the just keep using Bing.

Find detailed instructions in the video below.

4. Facebook / Instagram

Facebook and Instagram Ads are being submitted through the same Ad platform as Facebook bought Instagram some years ago.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is quite different to the other platforms as people get presented your Ads in the news feed.
This might be compared to billboards you see when driving along the highway.

If you want your Ads to be seen your job is to STOP THE SCROLL!

You have various options to submit your Ad on Facebook but first of all, you need to use a business page instead of your normal private Facebook profile.
Then you can just post your Text, Picture or Video and boost it.

If you are serious about advertising on Facebook you should consider using the Facebook Business manager and setup your Ads in this advanced tool.

Find more information in the video below about the techniques.

Advanced strategies


Advertising on all these platforms is highly efficient but the main secret is to know how to find your target audience.

Please make sure to think about the audience that might be attracted by your product, where they are located, their age, their preferences and reduce the audience size to whom the platforms present your Ad.

You can get most of the information through videos on Youtube but if you are serious about your product and marketing I highly recommend you to consider to invest in your education!

Retargeting on different platforms

You might have witnessed the magic when products and advertisers are following you on every step while browsing on the internet. 

This is no magic and it can be learned but most people, even specialized agencies are not doing it properly.

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I hope this was helpful!
Enjoy your day!

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