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Interesting that these two factors complement each other or rather affect one another that much we often dont realise. Your belief system is so unique to you that makes who you are and how authentic being you perceive to be. The circle of influence is no different to the belief system only this time they are other peoples belief systems, beliefs of those around you that impact you.

As a child i developed a belief system, i believed i could do anything in my life , i dreamed of the houses im going to own, the job with very high pay like a CEO of some big company, money flowing,living the high quality life and helping others. this belief i had made my life soo easy that i remember once i was applying for a new job at time where no one was hiring, and a very close friend of mine literally convinced me that i would not be hired anywhere because employers are downsizing.

I believed with all my heart and body i would find some job and that the absolute belief i was having since, had came through all the times, so it wouldn't fail me NOW. within a month of submitting my resume to different companies i received a call from one of well reputed companies and they got me a spot. see believe is everything in life, you wouldn't execute your plans propaly without.

Between then and now, Many other things happened in my life that made me realise quite alot, but one of the impoetant decision that i took follows; that close friend of mine kept on coming on me with, that is not possible, and with giggles he would often saywith absolute  certainty that i will not get that manager position that im going for and so forth. With time, my belief was still there in me but not with me, not quite confident of it as i used to as i allowed my friends beliefs sink in, the influences around us affects us, its upto us to choose which infleunces to allow in and which out.

At that point of my life things stopped happening for me and with time my life became stagnant, zero growth, not quite motivated or inspired by life sometimes. our subconscious mind picks up on these things and changes our paradigms according to our preferences. me and my best friend definately had a breakout sometime later in life but the damage had already happened, i became a non believer to my dreams and hesitant in taking action and rather more of reasoning and excuses.

It took me hard 5 years to remember the original me, yeah that long! to realise what had happened to me. since then i promised myself one thing, that i would never allow that to happen to me ever again, my success had been delayed by 5 years!! I worked through myself by nurturing my believe system and cutting of the weeds that creep up anytime, the bad influencers, by the way what they influence is what they actually are, so see the person giving you the advise and ask yourself is he/she someone i wanna be.

Gradually i regained my confidence in the making it happen and it will happen because i said so, i was empowered from the anger and revenge of loosing 5 years of my life going in circle and not breaking through. Im walking the walk of my life time, i now enjoy everything i do, and with progress im unfolding my life towards the route to my dreams, life as i realised, never gives you that satisfaction that feeling of purpose and living in the moment,only when you work towards your dreams and goals.

Today, i wiped out the entire casts of beliefs that dont serve me, and welcome only those resonates with me and as well i leave an inch of space between me and them just incase they through at me the no you can't do it :). i know you might be thinking what if the goal was not realistic you know what then billgates would probably be an executive in some coperate world, or Neil Armstrong wouldnt dare land to the moon. Dream, and then identify your action steps and i promise you its achievable with time, the key is your mindset.

Thank you.

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