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Who doesn't dream right, i love dreaming, you would often catch me on a sofa gazing out through the balacony from the living room drifted away from the reality.....ahhhgh its a beautiful feeling, especially when beside you would be a cup of tea just incase you get distracted by your sorroundings, get a sip and back again to the dreamland.

Bare in mind as well that there is a difference between a fantasy and a dream,a fantasy is something that we dream about and if it doesn't come to us at points in our lives we never mind as of dreams, these are goals, things that we really want in our lives, things that transforms our lives to our likes and preferences, dreams are whats in our minds and hearts, they are wishes.

one of my dream goals inlife is to inspire others, i knew i can, how? because everyone around me told me so,they thought very highly of me and believed i could be more than i was, i think many people would resonate with this because i believe everyone has a creator in them more often we tend to ignore what we already have. Any stranger that would come across me would tell it to me how inspired they felt when i spoke to them, i love to light that spark in others. For several years i talked about this dream that i would inspire others just the way i do to those close to me, like family and friends. 

Thats the thing, we all dream amazing things thats very ordinary and we fail to plan, we fail to be the extraordinary people. those who dream and plan ends up living the extraordinary lives. we have to take a moment in a lives and line up those dreams priority top and the rest follows and start laying out a proper plan of how to achieve them. we need to move towards radical action, steps required plus conviction and consistency and your dreams would would have no choice but manifest, you did not give it a reason to fail so why would it.

One thing i know for sure, if you do what you've always done, you always get what you always got, do not settle for average, do not get comfortable in that okay' zone. you deserve your dreams, live by them. Dreams are goals, goals are targets,targets can be planned, plans have steps, steps would sustain with excecution and consistency. 

Love yourself enough to live your dreams, or someone else will live your dreams.


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