A total random occurance.


Hi Accented Family.

So today I managed to get my paycheck that was lost, all of it back into my account, my phone's service provider issue fixed and found $100 in one of my jeans pockets. Whoohooo! So I felt like celebrating and went to Hutchinson, a place 10 minutes away from where I live to watch the movie, "A mountain between us". It wasn't going to start for another 40 minutes, so I decided to go to the sports bar opposite the theater to wait until the movie started. As I was standing outside, I noticed this woman dressed in a business suit coming out to smoke. I greeted her and she greeted me back. As she went inside, I went in after her and ordered a honey whiskey....something I don't do at all. I originally wanted to order a Mike's hard lemonade, but I kinda wanted to taste whiskey. I know, right? The pleasures of life. Lol. As I was drinking, she offered me her whole pizza which she only had two slices from. We started chatting and she told me she was a representative for a dental company. She travels a lot and it just so happens that she was crashing over in Hutchinson for the evening. After quite a pleasant conversation, she offered me an interview at the company she was working for. Now, I don't know whether I'll accept it or not, but it was quite an offer. I can certainly tell you why I got offered the job...because of the positive energy I was putting out. I'm not the greatest at English, but she wasn't phased by it and since I changed my frame of mind and viewing life from a pure honest point of view, my life has been rocksteady and positive, because I allowed myself to learn from my failures and turned it into positivity. Don't worry, I wasn't drunk from that whiskey. After we separated, I asked her if I could take a selfie of us, but I did not ask her permission to have it up on my blog. Bummer! Maybe I can find her on Friday after or before my interview so to ask if I can have her permission to post our selfie on my blog. Also, I never watched the movie. I went straight home to write this blog. Till next time. The Accented Guy. Quinnie 



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