A Whole New World

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We all know the movie Aladdin right? You know where Aladdin, a "street rat" falls in love with the beautiful princess, Jasmine, and wins her over by defeating the evil villain Jafar. Well if you have not seen the movie, go and watch it today! If you have then you will know the scene were Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. He brings her up in the clouds, swirls her around to the point of almost touching the ground and wisps her heart away by showing her "A Whole New World." I could not help but think of this scene and this song when it comes to this new adventure our family is about to begin.

 Starting a business is not easy. It is a wobbly state of crunching numbers, projecting outcomes, managing and leveraging money, learning and growing, and practice practice practice. Just like when Jasmine took the step off her balcony ledge to let her feet hit the moving, elevated carpet of a whole new adventure, a business can feel like an uneven carpet ride. You are going to have moments where you are soaring in the clouds, where the air is crystal clear and stars shine just a little bit brighter. You are also going to have moments where you come crashing to the lowest of points, dodging numerus obstacles while being just enough off the ground so that you do not completely crash. You will also have steady points where you are just riding the wind and moving along with the flow. All of these seem to serve a purpose in making your journey just a little bit sweeter by the end. As the adventure takes off and you begin to go through the highs, the lows, and the medians your brain begins to progress into a new state of mind that changes the very core of who you are. No longer are you just a business person or a parent or a teacher or student but now you are an adventurer learning how to take the next carpet ride and the next dip or elevation.

Yes, this may be a cheesy Disney analogy, but the fact of the matter is that we all are going to go through this at some point in time. We all are going to have to take that step of faith or the "step of the ledge" onto that new and life altering decision. Whether it be starting a business, getting married, moving to a new place, becoming a parent, investing in something new, buying a house, or whatever that new adventure may be. So why not? Why not take the magic carpet ride of changing the way you do life and step into being an online entrepreneur? It may be what Jasmine and Aladdin like to call "A Whole New World."

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