Are You Frustrated Right Now?

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Then Good !! it means you actually care. its because you've reached that point in your life or a situation that calls for urgency.

You know what urgency does?

It forces us to act, to move, to enter the realm of radical action, now be aware that everything in life either gives you the opportunity to see the light or the darkness, to most cases the take on would be to better your situation rather than to go the other way, most would go for solutions that would give them clarity.

undefinedEarlier, with my journey to learning digital world and maping myself on getting good in mastering the system i got to a point of feeling lost, frustrated and a bit dissapointed. These emotions i then later found to be the fundamental point of expansion and cosistency. not only led me through new heights but actually got me to a point of not caring what my thoughts were or what drove them but rather whats missing and what else i could do to enhance my learning and get results.

The energy of it motivates you, it propels you to your higher self, this point of your life is as if you are watching yourself through a morrior with intent of pointing things out that worked for you and what worked for you then and not this minute, meaning what you got to change now. 

This moment you take a back from your self and see all the mess from a point of focus which then leads you to actualy create a plan which you will then follow through with it, you know why? because you know how it feels, because you want that change, because you are designing that route for your change.

Always remember, while in frustration, notice the points of required attention and development,this is your best place to be in every stage of your life because its the cooking area of your next steps its the mastermind and brainstorming stage you wouldn't wanna miss for its worth it when you emerge the otherside reborned and enlightened.

Life is a balance, all elements works in our favour, one way or the other. Its upto us how we tune them into our lives, nothing happens as an accident, its all meant for it to happen, we need to use every feeling in our body to serve us.

To have results that we desire in our lives, we need to be in that place , the place of frustration, its the most authentic place to be, the place that is driven by intuition first before the logic. 

I can only add before i wrap this up that, this place, the frustration, inspires us to be what we wanna be rather than being influenced how to be, we become the influncers rather than the influencees.

Thank you :)

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