Define Your Principles In Life

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I believe every person on earth has principles but not everyone has taken the time to write them down. I took the time to write mine, I hope that they inspire you.

So a principle is something that all the parts of your brain agreed on and committed to. It is something you believe in and use to deal with any situation in life.

Here are my principles:


* Eat healthy everyday, avoid junk food, eat salads

* Fast one day per week and drink only water

*Avoid red meat, eat instead white meat and fish

*Don't drink until you loose your mind, drink for the joy

*Don't smoke everyday, you can do it occasionaly

*Don't sleep after eating, wait at least 2 hours

*Sleep only 7 hours and wake at 7am every day

*Meditate every day

*Read everyday and listen to podcasts about things you love

*Walk everyday for 30mins

*Eat a big healthy breakfast, good lunch and a moderated dinner

*Swim at least one time per week


*Search for your passion, not for your future job

*Work on yourself and money will not be a problem anymore

*Surround yourself with likeminded people who wants the same as you

*Take risks in your life but plan them very well

*Be a smart worker not a hard worker

*Believe that your business is waiting for you and it's YOU who should make the steps toward it

*Learn, practice and share everyday

*Treat your work with love and you will be rewarded by the work you love

*Don't work for money, work for your mission in life

*Give always 110%. That extra 10% will make all the difference 


*Love, respect and sacrifice for your parents, your brothers and sisters

*Make new friends from every country, every religion. Diversity is the best thing EVER

*Find someone who understands you and appreciate you, someone with whom you can continue your life peacefully

*Don't get married because you have to. If you like to be single BE so

*Reach out to your friends and check on them

*Rely on yourself, be independant and know when and how to ask quality questions

*Be kind, gentle, funny, supportive and positive

*Go out with your friends and explore. The world is large enough!

*Spread the positive energy wherever you are present 

*Be the last one to talk, let others express themselves and be a good listener

*Stand up for your rights, never betray your inner soul and your self esteem

*If you are fully aware of something and you are totally committed to it, do not let anyone change your mind

*Everyone is different, don't loose your time trying to convince others

*Make the first step and be bold

*Be a leader, be honest and respectfull

I have load more but I will stop right here to not overwhelm you :)

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