Do you even crypto, bro?!

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Whether you love it, hate it or just really don't understand it, crypto is well and truly here to stay. If you take a look at the mass adoption of blockchain technology that is already happening around you right now, it is clear that we really are in the mere infancy stages of a revolution at this moment in time. It's hard to see a stopping point for the evolution of blockchain as companies across the world are already changing industries such as gaming, medical, property, legal and financial (to name a few) though integrating blockchain technology into their products and services. This said, I fully understand that if you read (and believe!) the newspapers every day, you have come to the conclusion that crypto will cause you a slow and painful death as well as bankrupting all of your friends and relatives, meanwhile breaking the bones of your loved ones and make your favourite animals immediately extinct. The media in this country doesn't much like it eh.

Anyway.. how does this make me free money? I hear you cry, and i'm glad you asked.

Just to let you know, we're not talking about trading here... quite frankly I don't know much about it, nor would I ever feel comfortable giving financial advice. However, here are three things you can do, that are completely free of charge, that can earn you a few quid.

1.) Promote

Coinbase is the most adopted platform in the world in which we can buy cryptocurrencies. There's a little referral system they run where if you refer someone to the platform (through a link you can grab from the 'referral' section of the site) and they start to use Coinbase, both you and your mate get $10! That's $10 for each person that creates a coinbase account! Easy money. Again I understand the potential scepticism over all things crypto, but the truth is, if you don't know about this stuff right now, you should probably learn!

2.) Promote

For a while now, has been a coveted trading app (in the u.s.) as it lets you trade stocks for free. Now then, not only is in the process of going international, but it's about to include free crypto trading!! This is huge as you'll usually be paying a good 10% fee for buying and trading crypto on most apps, but this one is gonna let you do it for free! Very cool. If you go to their website and register for the app, you'll come across their own referral system, which again is $10 a head.

3.) Mine Electroneum from your phone!! (check out

Now this is seriously cool. For ages now mining cryptocurrencies has been synonomous with ruining the planet etc, but the guys at Electroneum have come up with a way of you mining coins from your phone, without eating all your battery and data! Or killing the planet...

Electroneum is a wicked (and British!) project which is now well on its way to mobile industry mass adoption. But you don't need to know all that. All you need to know is that you can download their app right now (definitely on android, not sure on ios movements), register and start mining Electroneum coins, possibly as early as February 26th!! These coins you just send to an exchange and convert to pounds or dollars. Simples.

One thing I love about these guys is that they tested the beta version of this project out in third world countries, giving some of the poorest people the opportunity to have their phone bills paid each month from mining. Legends! Also, if you look at the predicted price of Electroneum (ETN) for this year, it might do more than just pay your phone bill having this app! 

That's all for now folks.

Have a good week, and don't let 'em get to ya ;)

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