Do You Feel Stuck, Unfulfilled and Dissatisfied in Your Current Situation?

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We’ve all been there. In a job or a situation where we feel stuck and trapped, unappreciated and overworked, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Like most people, I have spent many years thinking that getting an education and climbing the corporate ladder was the ultimate path to success.

At the height of my career in corporate finance where I was moving job to job, country to country it seemed like I was doing well and succeeding but underneath it all I felt trapped. I felt stuck wondering if there was more to life than what was being presented in front of me.

While I was aware that something had to change, I didn’t know how to change it.

I had given up on all hope of pursuing anything else telling myself I couldn’t possibly start again, too late to start something new and that I had no other skills.

So it was just easy to accept life like it is and kept going back to a job I didn’t like.

I didn’t want to admit to myself that all hopes I had in my early years, my University degree and my Accounting qualifications had just materialized to bosses I did not like, long office hours, stress and the never-ending office politics.

I tried taking holidays and days off, I moved jobs and even countries in search of a little freedom. But I soon realised that these were only a short-term fixes.

You feel even worse coming back from holidays to a job you don’t like. Holidays and vacations only provided a temporary relief from the reality of my unfulfilling job.

We are lucky to be living in the digital age today. If we take time to educate ourselves we will realise that there is a way out, that there are so many other options available to us.

But a choice we will have to make a choice, we have to decide how much we want to change our current situation.

The only thing stopping us is ourselves and our current way of thinking.

It is absolutely possible to make the change. The good thing is all it takes it that initial action, once we start something that’s it, more and more doors will open for us.

The internet has changed everything. It has revolutionized how we live do things and has opened up so many different ways of earning an income!

It has never been easier to start your own side venture.

Gone are the industrial days where everyone had to be supervised, report to a boss, ask permission to be themselves.

Success is no longer defined by climbing the corporate ladder, hoping to one day get the corner office!

There are more and more digital nomads, lifestyle entrepreneurs and people working from anywhere they want than ever before.

It’s not uncommon seeing many others building their online empires with only a laptop, a desire for freedom and an internet connection.

If you feel stuck in your situation right now, know that you can do something about it but first you will need to challenge your current way of thinking and take ownership of your own happiness!


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