Don't Quit On Your Dream

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What will you do to get your dream ? Do you want to be more successful ? Do you want to live a life on your own terms ? Are you willing to take the risks, feel the temporary pain, struggle, cry... when you know, deep down inside you, that the sun will rise, the clouds will dissapear and after all you will get the SUCCESS you want, you will live your dream and you will enjoy LIFE like you have never imagined...

My story

I will tell you a story that I only told to my closed friends and family. I was stuck in a job for 4 years. At the beginning it was a very good job for me. When you start working you kind of enjoy it because you start earning money and being independant. In other terms you feel like growing. The years past by and by the 4th year I started to have this empty feeling inside me. I started questionning myself. What am I doing with my life eventhough I have a good post as IT administrator and a very good salary.

When I spoke to my manager and I told him that I want to quit, he started telling me that it will be very difficult to start something new for someone like me who has invested 4 years and got a good experience in IT field. While he was speaking to me, I had that inner voice inside me telling me to ONLY trust myself and my courage.

I left my job, I applied to a Masters degree in France. By that time I could barely sleep, trying to plan for my future, leaving behind me a decent job with a good salary and a good position. I was planning to SUCCESS. I passed through a lot of obstacles but since I wanted this very bad, I finally got it, I came to France and finished my Masters 2 degree and I ranked first among my colleagues because this was my only plan. I will tell you more about this story later in another article I hope...

What is your dream ?

Now let me ask you one question. What is your dream in life ? What is that thing that you starve to get ? did you take a moment with youself and thought about it ? I believe every person has a dream, has something that makes him alive. Do yourself a favor and give it a thought. Think about how your life will change when you follow your DREAM and your PASSION. There is nothing more rewarding than a life full of joy and fullfilment.

The shocking reality

It really shocks me when I see someone who has everything but don't take action in order to achieve his dream. There is nothing impossible, especially in our time, where all the world is connected with this amazing technology called THE internet. Nowadays within few clicks you can get any information you want. Everything is on your fingerprints. If you don't believe me, ask yourself something and go search for it on youtube, google, facebook... you will get the answer within few seconds !!! 

What are your options ?

Now if you are like 90% of the population, stuck in your current job, if you want to get your FREEDOM back, maybe you want to travel the word while you are working from your own computer. Believe me it is totally possible. Now I am not telling you that you will be a millionaire straight away, what I am telling you that with discipline, persistence and work you can start earning way more than your salary and the more important thing is you start living your DREAM.

I invite you to check the offer below which is the full package of learning, training, mentorship, community, support, products that are PRICELESS. I invite you to take 10 mins to check it.

It took me only one click on a youtube ad to literraly start changing my WHOLE life and start believing that what we have been tought is a big lie. Now I know it might be shocking for you as it was for me. The reality is very sad, we have been tought to go to school, then university, after that get a job and stick to the job for the rest of our lives, every single day from 9am to 5pm. To be honest with you, few persons are happy with this traditional life and less are fullfiled. You know why ? because they never serve a goal bigger than them.

It is really boring and predictible to stay stuck in one job the whole life and never enjoy life when we are young, we have been tought to work hard instead of working smart, we wait the retirment to enjoy life when we are 60 or 70 years old and that my friend is sad, VERY VERY sad.

I took the risk, I trusted my feelings, I am going ALL IN.

Will you do the same?

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