Affiliate Marketing, your expressway to the laptop lifestyle

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Hi there its Dermot here and if you are like I was you are sitting on the fence of ambivalence not really knowing which way to go.

Yes you are at this stage probably as you are fed up to your back teeth with the mundane humdrum day in day out, same old shit life that you are living or in other words, are you working or middle class?

"Welcome to my world", as my wife always sais. Working for money that never ever reaches the end of the month, never ending pile of bills, or a ton of liabilities. And the cherry on the cake for us is that we end up having to work a full time job just to scrape by enough money to pay for child care which we have to use to enable us to work fulltime. A bit of a no brainer, don't you agree?

I would sit here seething in anger and frustration, especially when finding out that here in Ireland, people who have medical cards (which we are not entitled to because we work and pay taxes) get free child care. They are not working, so why do they need child care?

A lot of questions and no answers as that is politics for you, us middle class or working poor get screwed again, bailing everyone out again. 

You know what I did? Well I stopped complaining, as what is the point, the only one who is suffering from all this complaining is me. Stop comparing as that only makes you forever pissed off as you always feel second best or not good enough. Stop wasting hard earned money on bills & taxes and get smart.

What you need to do now is Asset yourself. Life is meant to be lived and not endured, the only reason why we live in "Groundhog Day" is because we fall into that rut and let it control us. You are your biggest asset, not money in the bank or the possessions you own, but YOU.

Any of us can be or do anything we dream, as long as you are willing to put your mind into it and get your meta story right (congruent head & heart) you could be invincible. I don't mean super human or a celebrity but someone far better than what you have been up until now. How may you ask?

Can you Google? Then there is no end to self development sites on line and some fantastic motivational speakers and spiritual teachers out there, but don't get overwhelmed & try follow them all. Follow what and who suits how you are feeling or thinking at the time. For deep inner peace: I follow Wayne Dyer, for Self acceptance: Louise Hay, for motivation: Tony Robbins, for an arse kick: Mel Robbins and for insight into Law of Attraction: Abraham Hicks. Now I know this sounds like a lot but it is an investment into my biggest asset, ME. 

I take the time and find the time to follow them as well as working a 40 hr a week job + commute, being a parent and now finding time to invest in an online education to change my life for the better.

Sounds like a lot, yes it is, but when you are doing something for yourself and not for someone else (employer, tax man, child care provider etcetera), wow what a massive difference that makes. 

As each of us are our biggest assets, does it not make sense to invest in ourselves? Now besides the money (which can be found, when you believe in yourself), there is the time and self belief, that you CAN, we all can.

So accept who you are, where you are at and that is enough for you right here and now and that will give you the starting platform to take your life to the next level. By doing this you are making a decision or choice, by yourself and for yourself. There is immense freedom doing this, it is like being at the starter block of a race, and as soon as the starters gun goes off, and in that split second you are off. If you are feeling good about yourself you will do well in the race and if not, You won't.

So if you are like me, have a lot of pain points, pissed off points, really dream of and desire positive change in life, then how would earning a living on the internet sound to you? Do you dream of having more time, more freedom, more money, free to travel and work anywhere in the world, then the Laptop Lifestyle is for you. I used to think that earning money in IT was only open to the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and all those happy folks who work for them. NOT!!! 

Affiliate Marketing is your expressway to the laptop lifestyle and a massive growth industry that is only getting stronger. Look at the world today, everyone is buying on line and the on line economy is booming. It is and hasn’t slowed down, like the high street retail economy, even during the last recession. If it's so easy then why isn’t everyone doing it? That could happen in time, but just remember there are over 1 billion & growing potential customers out there. At present, there isn’t half enough internet marketers to cater for those customers. The internet is relatively new and new scares the shit out of a lot of people, so many people are still reluctant to invest on line. Are you one of those?

If you want to get a taste of an affiliate marketing laptop lifestyle, then I invite you to click this link, watch the 7 Day FREE video series and let my mentors, Jay & Stuart talk you through the A to Z of SFM and how affiliate & internet marketing works.

Hope to see you on the other side.

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