Mind Development

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undefinedWhat is the mind?  Like many people, I didn't know what is the mind, and to be honest I really don't understand it now.  In the past when I heard someone speak of their mind I thought they were talking about their brain.  I didn't know!  For most of my life, I connect mind with being the brain. It wasn't until I embarked upon the task of developing my thinking, that I discovered that the mind and brain are two separate entities. 

Exactly what is mind and where is it located?  I have come to understand that mind is where thoughts live, and mind resides in the realm in the invisible realm, or one might say the spiritual plane.  We can not see mind nor thought but we know it exists.  I have heard it said that thoughts are vibrations.  Human beings are vibrations also, and we attract thoughts that are vibrating at the level in which we are vibrating.  So, low personal vibration low vibrating thoughts and likewise high personal vibration attract high vibrating thoughts.

I never knew that I could control my thinking.  For most of my life, my mind and thoughts were wild and unruly.  Most of my thoughts were negative and very disorganized and on par was my outward life and circumstances.  "So goes the mind, so goes the life".  I was unhappy, restless, irritable, and discontent.

In 2013 I heard about a book called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and I found a video recording of Napoleon Hill on YouTube.  In the early stage of his talk, Mr. Hill spoke of taking control and possession of your mind.  listen  This audio set me on the path of learning to control the thoughts that I think.  In this talk, Mr. Hill speaks of the benefits of taking control and possession of your mind and he speaks of the penalties that you pay for not doing so.

Based on the analogy given in his speech, Mr. Hill was right on the money. I have personally experienced both the penalties and the rewards.  Taking control of my mind has directly resulted in better thinking/thoughts, making better choices, and improvement in my outer circumstances/life. Since embarking on this journey I have heard many others speak this truth, such people as Joyce Meyer, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Les Brown to name a few. (You can find talks from all these people on YouTube.)  Robert Kiyosaki in his best-selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" speaks      about being aware of the thoughts that he allows in his mind.

Training the mind has been the most difficult undertaking that I have ever attempted, but it has gotten easier over time.  Being aware of what I'm thinking and controlling what thoughts I allow in my mind has been laborious and an adventure of learning who I really am and not who I think I am.

It has been discussed by most of the successful people that I have studied, if one desires to achieve highly in life, it is imperative that you train your mind.  There are many pitfalls and distractions along the road to higher achievement and if the mind is not trained for such disasters you will succumb to fear and you will retreat back to where you have come from.

You might be asking yourself "exactly how do I take control of my mind"?  Taking control of your mind can be accomplished by reading self-improvement books regarding this subject, listening to audios by personal development speakers on a daily basis, and practicing what you learn.  Most likely this will not be an overnight transformation, but more likely an ongoing process.  With persistence, you and those around you will begin to see improvement, and you will also begin to see your life and circumstances change.

Taking control and possession of your mind will be very difficult but the rewards are unlimited.  Enjoy a rich and fulfilling life by taking on the challenge of controlling your mind and your thinking.  Remember "If you don't control your mind your mind will control you!"   "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.  Control your mind and take control of your life!

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