Use Other People's Cash

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Hello Friends!

How do the rich get going with their investments?

Have you ever wondered how successful people afford the things they buy on? Or do you think they are just "lucky" or born with a silver spoon in their mouths?

Ok. So if so maybe its time to change your thinking and adopting theirs, why re-invent the wheel?

a) Rich People never use their own money. I know. Its sounds difficult already to even think on how to extract money from other people. However i am here to tell you that there are networks of time poor people that are looking at investing in your ideas and projects. Find a way to prove to them a ROI, and make it compelling and formidable enough to work. They will take out their check book.

b) Banks. I know it seems like a traditional approach but it still is a sound one. As we know, financial institutions need collateral before they can lend you money. Nevermind the legnthy and frustrating 300 page business plan you have to submit to them! Rather sell an investment and get an order first, for whatever it is you are selling, and then take this to the bank. This is upfront proof, and if you are good at getting a deposit from your customer, then you will stregnthen your request for a loan to buy your goods.

c) Joint Ventures. If you are open to team work, i suggest you look at raising funds equally amongst a responsible and like-minded group of people. May be it friends or family, its your choice. Bring the idea to the table, and raise investments as a group. This eases the pressure of doing things solo. 

I only speak of personal experience with these recommendations. Fact is, for anything to start, there is always capitalisation required. What's your next?

Make it happen!

To your success!

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