The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity-2

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You've made choice 1, act on the important, and you are determined to move into the realm of extraordinary productivity. Like a brave mouse, you are not going to carry a tiny piece of cheese but a whole ball of cheese you are going to carry that with pride. it seems hard but you have the courage to do it. you are extraordinary individual remember.

2. Go for extraordinay, Don't settle for ordinary

This choice is about doing things differently, adding that extra touch to everything you do no matter how small it may seem, it could be the way you dress, how you treat others , how you communicate your ideas, how you translate all thats in your life with a touch from your heart.

choise 2 is really about getting clear of whats important to you. when you really look deep inside your heart and mind, you get an understanding of what really matters to you and deserves your best and finest effort. 

those with ordinary mindset tend to do whats expected of them nothing more. doing whats expected takes up alot out of them as it is, so why do more than that? Notice, its not a question of doing more but of doing less-less of merely expected and more of the truly remakable, its not about the quantity in work and effort you maintain in life, it about the quality and value you infuse in your efforts.

people with the mindset of going for extraordinary, do less as possible because they know exactly what their top priorities are and focus their strength on them. choice 2 is clearly defining those most important priorities. This excercise actually provides clarity to a fogged brain from multiplicity of distractions. Dr. Daniel G. Amen said, "to harness your brain's power, it needs direction and vision, it needs a blueprint, you are more likely to be successful if you define success clearly, specifically, in writing and with detail"

You will be living by design, not by default

This video clearly explains how you could manage your focus.

The impact of roles you have in your life.

we are so accustomed of living in roles instead of the definition of the important, what i mean to say is, when we keep in mind the importance of the role itself rather than a title we become driven by the heart and mind to perform better. Example,

Functional role            Defining the importance of the role

Accountant                Investment maximizer

Director                   Catalyst for change

Father                     Dad

Banker                     Small-business promoter

A functional role is just mechanical, where as defining the importance of role is about making the difference that energizes and rewards you and those who depends on you. Anu man can be a father ; But there's a difference in the world between a father and a dad

If you are simply working to a job description you will eventually catch up with that feeling of emptiness and no self work, because we are not designed to be working as machines. you're a thinking, talented, unique human being with extraordinary things to do, instead of passively do what's expected, reset your brain ." what contribution can i make here that no one else could make?"

When you shift from orninary mindset to extraordinary one, things start to happen,your talents gets sharpened your spark become abvious and people start to follow you as an example. you are just in good place in general.

Ordinary             Extraordinary

Function             Contribution

Tasks                Outcomes

Low impact          High impact

Play the game       Change the game

Imagine a grandfather- a natural role - redefined himself as " my grandson's greatest fun'? His vision of success in that role would take on fundamentally different character. Ask yourself what that role really means to you and what you want to achieve.

As...                 I will........            Through......

(Role tittle)         (Extraordinary           (Activities)


Ask these questions in everything to gain clarity and even rule out its importance, it might be not as important as you thought too.

Lets be in this journey together of becoming the extraordinarily productive people :)

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and benefited in ways that it relates to you.

NEXT : Choice 3 - Schedule the Big Rocks, Don't Sort Gravel

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Thank you.

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