The Investment You Should Never Make

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Investment is one of the possible ways to say good-bye to poverty, financial struggle, and gain financial freedom for life. So, if you are interested to start investing, your heart is in the right place
However, do not forget the golden rule, that you should never invest the money that you can’t afford to lose. But at the end of the day, it is very good to invest.
As the famous author Robert Kiyosaki, a billionaire investor, and a businessman quotes: “For one to obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner, an investor or both generating passive income on a monthly basic
A good investment will make sure that you will never have to work hard for money ever again in your life
But before you start making any investment, let make sure that you have the knowledge of what not to invest in, so that you don’t make the mistakes that will cost you money!!!
What not to invest in?
Don’t invest in any property of founds that you have no understanding of, e.g., don’t invest in what you don’t know.
Before you start investing in anything, you must first invest in yourself to have a better understanding of the investment that you are about to be making
Investment is a game of balancing risks, and rewards, you must understand this game if you don’t want to lose money to bad investment
If there is anything that you might want to invest your money in, do your homework very well, luckily in this generation we live in the digital day's age where information’s are easy to get
Go on the internet do research about this particular investment, ask all the necessary questions.
Look for the people that you can trust to ask them questions. Ask your questions from investors who have something to say about this particular investment that you are about to make.
Ask questions like this, for example: what do you think the chances are with this investment? What do you think the risks are, and what do you think the rewards are with this investment? Ect.
Do you think this is a good investment to make? And don’t forget the why questions for example: why yes or why not, etc.
Conclusions: Don’t invest your money in what you don’t know, and don’t invest your money out of desperation or panic, only invest your money when you have a good understanding of whatsoever that you are investing in
In that way, you will not be losing money with investment, but you will be swimming in money to obtain financial freedom
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