The Secrets Of Building A Successful High Ticket Business

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If you don`t know the power of high ticket sales, then this is your chance...


Because not only you`ll understand the basis of hight ticket selling, you`ll also get to know the perspective on the topic from the king of high ticket sales himself, Dan Lok.

In a nutshell, selling a high ticket item or providing a premium service is very different from other types of offering.

No... we are not talking about promoting $7 dollar products, we`re talking about delivering true transformation!

True transformation, what does that mean?

Based on one of Dan`s philosophies, charging premium prices isn`t associated with the fact that you just charge more. Let me explain.

Charging high ticket prices means that your clients are committed, you are committed and ultimately they get results. Isn`t that what we all want?

Let me ask you, how much transformation can you provide to your clients charging $7?


The low price philosophy may work for Walmart or Dollar Store, but if you like most people, you want to be fulfilled and happy while earning an incredible income and working with the people you want to work with and not having to deal with inadequate customers.

That`s right... think about the clients you attract when you sell lower dollar prices?

Exactly! Not very committed clients, to be precise.

Another super important aspect of Dan Lok`s teachings on selling high ticket items or providing premium services is actually related to why people don`t do it!

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Is it because nobody buys?
Is it because you don`t have the infrastructure to sell it?

Probably not and here`s why...

How much confident would you be asking someone to buy a $30 000 product when you haven`t invested that kind of money yourself?

That`s like asking someone who never climbed the Everest: "hey dude, what`s the view like on Everest?"

It doesn`t take courage to ask for big money, it takes confidence and understanding that your product or service provides amazing value like Dan says, it offers transformation, not information. Your clients, probably won`t be on the cheap side, as you can imagine, this is a good model to use when you`re reaching the top 10 to 20% of the earners in your area.

And that ties down to another of Dan`s philosophies and that is selling to PWM. What the hell is that?
It`s what he calls "Players With Money!"
These players are not worried about 20 bucks, they want results, they want transformation, guidance and most importantly someone standing by their shoulders who has been there and done that.

Going the high ticket route doesn`t mean that you just put up a sign and say: "hey, this is it, now I charge X!"
The deeper explanation on this is understanding that in order for you to charge more, as a coach, consultant or business owner, you need to ask yourself this question:
Who do I have to be to charge that kind of money?

Really, embracing the high ticket game is just a matter of you becoming the best version of yourself so that you can have a bigger impact on other people`s lives.


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