The Eye Of The Tiger

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This phrase is often heard on the sales floor.

Sometimes used as the motivational last words when a sales assistant is making their move on a customer.

A manager will say it, as they always feel the need to say something, or a fellow sales assistant may utter the words, sometimes with genuine support for their colleague or with a stab of sarcasm in an attempt to derail their rival's efforts.

But, one thing is clear. The phrase means YOU against THE CUSTOMER. It's a boxing match, a fight to the death. Your instruction is to get money from them, no matter what your customer tells you. Come back with the sale! Or else!

Real Honest Success

When I worked in furniture sales, I could never understand this mentality. First of all I wasn't a natural born salesman, so I didn't have this "Eye of The Tiger" approach.

My method was plain and simple. Help the customer, listen to the customer and make the customer feel as comfortable as possible. Then, when they were happy, close the sale. This way they left the store knowing they'd made a good purchase and were more likely to recommend people.

The customer wasn't my enemy. The customer was my friend. They were just like me.

I stuck to this method and it worked. I got sale after sale and I became the store's top seller.

I tried to help my colleagues get sales. I made tea and coffee for their customers.

But the management would constantly fight me about my approach. They wanted me "on the customer" as soon as they stepped inside, wanted me to add footstools and arm protectors to the orders even if the customer had no need for them.

Eventually they wore me down. I didn't start selling the way they wanted me to, no. I quit.

By the time I left the 9 to 5 workplace, I really felt as though I didn't belong in this world.

I didn't understand why everyone was your enemy. You had to get a promotion before Frank or Mary to view yourself a success.

You had to get a seat on the train in the morning, even if it meant tripping up a pregnant woman or pushing an elderly gentleman in the back. I would literally stand back to allow everyone on the train and just watch the mayhem.

I just didn't get it. This world shouldn't be a competition against others. 

The only person you should challenge is yourself and if you're successful and someone asks for a little advice or help, then help them. 

"So many times it happens too fast.

You trade your passion for glory.

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past.

You must fight just to keep them alive."

It's only since quitting the 9 to 5 and working from home that I've actually looked at some of the lyrics from the song the phrase is taken from and I can't believe that it applies to me now.

I've discovered what the "Eye Of The Tiger" really means.

I've now decided to live my dreams and find my passions in life.

What's your passion?



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