The formula for gauranteed success

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Seven step formula for a gauranteed success with anything you want!

  1. Know what you want! Make sure you are really clear about what you want and stay focused on it each and every day. In our day to day lives it's so easy to get distracted! Stay focused and be extremely clear about what it is that you really want. 
  2. Imagine yourself havingy it already! Try and make the images move, add in sound, make it as real as possible. when we have a thought or idea or a want that we are constantly thinking about and we make it real, something to resonate with then we draw towards us all the things that will bring us closer to that end goal. The more you continue to have that idea, the more people will be drawn towards you. Idea: everytime you watch TV, when it comes to the ads, turn off your screen and tap into your own ad of your own idea, your own goal. That way you get 2mins or so a few times a day to tap into your image. 
  3. Feel good about what you want!  You have to feel madly passionate and excited about your idea because emotion is created by motion. This is where it all begins! Your thoughts are not strong enough on their own, they can get distracted easily, therefore don't miss this step! And remember! The more passionate you are, the quicker you'll get to your goals. 
  4. Believe this thing will happen! You've gotta really believe it with every fibre of your being! 
  5. Break done your action steps into small bite size chunks. This way you can always be in a win situation. It will bring momentum and excitement because you'll know that each step brings you closer to your end goal!
  6. Evaluate your results along the way!  Ask yourself wether your little bite size steps are bringing you closer to your goal. Or is it taking your further away? We learn best from doing, but very often the things we think will work, don't necessarily. Therefore, only once you've tried something can you ask yourself, is this bringing me closer or further away from my goals. I can assure you that you'll come across some that will be bringing you closer but at the same time there will be some that won't be as productive. Be open and honest. 
  7. If what you're doing isn't working, then change your action and start doing a different activity instead. And there is no knowing how many times you'll actually need to do this! But keep doing this until you succeed!

And I promise, that if you do these steps consistently, you will succeed!!!

Try it and let me know how it works for you!!

In the meantime, make it a great one

X Mirelle

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