What do you want in life?

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Why questions?

Questions are powerful determining factors to a life of productivity, destiny pursuit, and fulfillment. I often make it a habit to pose reflective questions to myself as part of reviewing my own goals, actions and life. Self reflection should always involve a process of thinking out loud while connecting with your inner values and core belief systems. When you can channel those inward resources by connecting them to the outer ones through meditation, visualisation and affirmations, I can tell you that you will be a 1/4 away from achieving anything you want to achieve in life. Such focussed way of doing things, if its embedded in a daily routine, it will produce great success and results. A life lived without reflective questions doesn't inspire growth. Since time immemorial, many discoveries  in the world have been made by individuals who questioned their environments, status quo and who sought answers for the purpose of their existence. Such individuals when they heard an inward voice telling them that 'they were made for more and for greater purposes' they embraced that and went on to make great strides for the betterment of their fellow human beings.

What do you want in life?

This not the sort of question that can be asked by an ordinary person, rather it is a question only asked by those who are already not comfortable with where they are in life. Never be satisfied by the mundane and comfort of a paid job or on where you are at the moment. See yourself as a container, which when it's already full, that means it can no longer receive more. To receive more, you need to learn to give more. Adding value to others and changing the lives of other people is one of the ways in which we can live purposeful, impactful and fulfilled lives. Fortunately, when that happens, it means that you become like a container which has become empty now and is ready to receive more. There is more in this life, both to give and to receive.

We receive more from life when we give. Nothing lives for itself. Trees live for a reason, don't they? They give us oxygen while we give them caborndioxide which they also need. Similarly, the seas need fisheries and vice-versa. A fish cannot survive outside water because that is not its natural environment. Similarly, when you are not living your purpose by being impactful, empathetic and resourceful, it means that there is no zest for living and when there is no life, it means that there is decay and ultimately death. A human being is a special kind and they have to live for more. 

Today, just take a moment to take a stock of your life by asking yourself, "What do I want in life?", Why do I want it?, What happens without it? , Where do i get it? How?  With who?  When do I want this? How would it make me feel when I get it? etc

These are just some of the simple ways to kickstart you into activity and taking action for your life. Like I said earlier, learn to take stock of your life by asking yourself questions. I guarantee you that you will certainly get answers. Dig deeper within you and you will get the answers. Be authentic to yourself and accept your dreams. Believe in them and find who else is, out there is walking the same path and learn from them. 

My own story in brief is that while growing up when I was in secondary education, I used to like reading motivational articles from newspapers but I didn't know why. Now that I have begun to write these blogs, I have just been reminded of that it was something that I liked and those seeds were being sown, as if to affirm that I too was going to be a writer.

Also, I remembered that when Facebook started, I was really attracted to the people and businesses who were marketing their products online and to me they appeared like some special people who were doing extra-ordinary things. However, something in me wanted to do the same line of business as I felt that it was going to help me redeem my time and free me to live a lifestyle I wanted without having to solely rely on a 9-5 job.

I wanted to spend more time with my family, do other fun things, be involved in voluntary fulfilling activities and I realised that I could only live that lifestyle if I owned my own internet business where I could work from anywhere in the world anytime, marketing and selling products/services.

I am on this journey now and it is a wonderful journey and it is funny that I had no prior business knowledge in that sector but I received the training and got mentorship and support. You too can start your own journey by clicking below to learn how. Decisions decide destinies!


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