What Is Mentorship And Is It Worth?

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It should now be common knowledge that your Network is your Net Worth, meaning that if you hang out with 9 losers, the odds are you will be the 10th. It is never easy to find an ambitious group of friends that are all aspiring for greatness and for those that are new to business or whatever industry they're looking to succeed in, it can be a big culture shock when mixing with successful people. This is because unlike the usual friends you hang out with who absorb themselves in social media, gossip or Keeping up with the Kardashian etc, they are striving for success by absorbing themselves in motivational speeches, listening to great wisdom or looking to start new ventures. What does that tell you?

Finding a good mentor could be the make or break of your success. Like traditional schooling, you will have teachers guiding you and giving advice on the specific subject. However, this isn't traditional school and success doesn’t come with a certificate or an establishment to attend and getting it wrong could get you into a lot of debt. A good mentor is like a teacher of money and will have the knowhow on monetizing in the industry you are trying to get into and help to direct your energy the right way. However, just like school, it usually doesn’t come free. In fact, if you want someone to show you the ins and outs of how to be successful in your field, the odds are they are successful themselves and their time is more expensive but can often give you greater rewards. Now there is no set figure as this is an agreement between you and your mentor.

Is Mentoring expensive?


If you know of someone who is successful in the field you aim to pursue and you want them to show you the way, what would this guidance be worth to you? After all, once you know how and have succeeded in it yourself, then you can charge people who are looking to start off the same way.

So, if I put you on the road to success which you can stay on forever once you are on it but in return, I want 10 grand. What would you do?

After all, it’s not that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

Levels of Mentorship

Let’s say for arguments sake that you work a 9 - 5 job but you want to open a shop. I suppose the ideal people to talk to are people that have done it and have experience in "setting up". A shop owner for instance, you talk to the shop owner and he gives you the advice and guidance for a small fee, in fact he is only too happy to tell you all about his experience and give you the "how to" advice. He will tell you the people you need to talk to, how to approach them, the locations etc.

Then one day, you have your shop set up and you want to expand your business nationwide. Would you still speak to the same guy who only owns 1 store? Will he be able to give you guidance on how to select management for the different stores? Will he be able to give you advice on how to systemise your business?

As your business grows over time, you will need mentors at different levels to guide you. The higher the level of mentor the higher the cost. But at this point in your business, you maybe selling on your advice and experience to others who are just starting out.

Be careful where you take your advice

Ever noticed that when you speak to people about your ambitions and everyone seems to have advice on what to do? I suppose it's good food for thought but free advice is worth every penny.

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