Unconditional Value in Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurship

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Hi there it’s Dermot again, hope you are all well today. If you are contemplating becoming an entrepreneur and are embarking on affiliate marketing or thinking about doing so, just stop a minute and have a thought about why you are thinking about entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing, what are your expectations, how will you meet these expectations and are they realistic?


Why Affiliate Marketing

Let me elaborate on this. I knew absolutely NOTHING about affiliate marketing or even marketing on line, I was totally ignorant. I saw a flashy add on You Tube, signed up and went from there. Now normally I would always hit the “skip” button when any add came on, but this time I watched it to the end and took action.

My rationale was that it was January (the month of change) and I wanted to change my career and this looked like the sure thing or a great option at least.


Instant Money

Instant money, is what I thought. Now yes I was sold by the add, isn’t that what adds are supposed to do anyway, ”The Laptop Lifestyle” & my own greed.

 Once I got down to the nitty gritty and started to learn about affiliate marketing, and marketing on line in general, I did start to realise that it isn’t instant easy money and despite all the disclaimers, which I chose not to look at, it is HARD work.

I am a person who has very limited internet and even computer skills




I saw that I had 2 options:

 1) I could go down the advertising route, which is risky, very expensive, but can produce results fast, or

2) The Low cost route, which is much slower and requires a lot more time and work, and takes a lot longer to get results or generate leads.

Now at the time I had never heard of a blog, or video blog, or syndication, but I was soon to start learning how to, if I wanted to succeed in affiliate marketing. I didn’t have the funds to go down the advertising route, nor at the time did I have the “guts”.

My previous experience in marketing was limited also, so I wasn’t confident enough to even try advertising.

Finding my Niche

No matter what route you take, paid or low cost you have to find your niche. Now I’m not going to go into detail on this as the folks in SFM are the experts and will explain it much better. Simply put, who would your target market be “Avatar’’ and what gives you passion in life or what are you passionate about. It took me a long time to find my niche, and I may not have the best niche to monetize on (generate leads), but my heart keeps brining me back to that niche.

Setting up websites and all that other technical stuff

All I can say on this is that for me it’s a working progress through trial and error. Yes there are unlimited resources out there to help, but I find that when I start to follow resources, I get side tracked, overwhelmed and lost.

Everyone is different, but I tend to just try “Figure Shit Out”. It’s slow but I am getting there, I think!!.

If you are internet literate already, then you have a flying start. My suggestion to you is learn a bit more about the internet so you are able to navigate your way around it with more ease, maybe even enroll in a course.  I have noticed within the SFM Community, that the people who already have a lot of experience on line, do progress much faster. 

Do not compare yourself to them though, as that is just where they are at.

You will find in the SFM training modules, becoming an effective marketer does take a hell of a lot more than just internet knowledge.



SFM is a state of the art training programme and they do have excellent easy to follow training modules. If I can follow them anyone can.

If you want to find out more about it, you will have to sign up and let the experts explain, it is free, initially.

Follow them module by module, don’t skip any and even if some of the training videos & webinars are very long, there is a reason for this, which you will only see if you stick to the programme.

What stood out for me is the humanistic side to online marketing.


Meta Story

The first 2 modules work on your Meta Story. If you are familiar with the “Law Of Attraction”, then you should have some idea of what this is.

Everyone is different so it will have a different meaning to each of us.

I have been following self development gurus for years now, but I did find that following the SFM programme, really helped me look at myself from the inside out and strangely the gurus I had been following now for years did make more sense to me.

You have to allow yourself to have an open mind though and be prepared to challenge yourself.

If you feel you are not there now, just remember life is and always will be a working progress or journey.

Always remember it’s all about you not others. This is Your journey, it’s not a race or competition.

It’s not about the product, it’s about the person

Every day we are bombarded with advertising telling us to buy, buy, buy.

We have become immune to it, it’s background noise. Do this, next time you are watching TV and the Adds come on, try to remember what they were about afterwards. I bet you can’t. They do though work on you at a subconscious level.

When you are on You Tube and you want to watch something, isn’t it really annoying when the Add comes on and you just can’t wait for the countdown to end to press skip. I know I still do.

I must be the most difficult person to sell to, but I still spend online, but I buy what I need and want, don’t we all? Why is this?

We buy emotionally.

Giving value will engage people at an emotional level

We have come to live in a very impersonal world, even with the medium of the internet and global networking. I don’t even know my neighbors!!. A generation ago we would have been living in each others’ houses.

The personal touch has all but vanished in society. I sit in my living room, as I’m doing so now, working on my laptop, my wife and kids are on their tablets or games, the TV is on and no one is talking.

We are social creatures by nature and do NEED social interaction to survive, We all need each other.

If you want to market, then you have to generate leads, to do that, you have to give value, to give value you have to build rapport. You need to be liked and trusted. It’s not about telling people what you think they need to hear, but build a relationship where they will like & trust you. Reach out emotionally, make them feel that you care and want to help. Ask yourself, what would make you feel good and feel valued, then copy that.


Patience & Consistency

The two things that SFM has challenged me on in life have been patience and consistency. I had neither, in any area of my life. I wanted it and I wanted it now & if that didn’t happen, then I gave up. This applied to exercise regimes, diets, studying, standing in ques, traffic jams……….

I have been with SFM since February 2018, and yes initially, as I’ve said before, I thought it was a get rich quick scheme.

Once I came to realise that it wasn’t and after I had purchased the training, I just had to accept that this is long term and has to be worked on consistently, every day & you have to make time to do so.

Why is this so for me, after giving up everything else?

Value, I invested in this, thus invested in myself, thus this has given me the incentive & motivation to continue and not give up.

My family think I’m nuts, working 2 – 4 hours every day for the past 7 months and have no tangible results yet (a sale), but look at Thomas Edison’s 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb. He never saw each attempt as a failure, but as a way not to do it the next time. It was a learning each time, until eventually he got it right.

I don’t allow myself to be disenchanted every day that I don’t get a lead, but more determined to keep at it and keep tweaking it until I eventually get it right.

A word of warning though, do balance your time and attention and DO NOT neglect other things in your life that are even more important, like your family.


Goal Setting

You need to set SMART Goals for yourself. Goals you feel that are achievable for you. I made the mistake initially of setting my goals too high ($1000 commission within the first 90 days) Now if you are doing paid advertising and really know what you are doing, then that can be done. I am not using paid advertising and I am learning as I am going, so it was far too high an expectation) A more realistic goal for me was to do a 90 Day video diary. Do daily goals, until they become routine or habit, like getting up early, exercising, meditating, an hour of online work, for example. Longer term goals are harder to measure, but it is still very good to have something to work towards – your dream. 


Online Support

SFM has a fantastic online Community, which supports and helps each other along the way.

This community is probably what has encouraged me to carry on when I felt like giving up at times.

Everyone in the community is in the same boat, trying to set up their own businesses and facing their own challenges and victories. It is great when we all share these with each other.

I was only new to it when I found out that my son had a possible heart condition and I needed to go private to get him seen quickly by a specialist. Now at the time the insurance would not cover the expenses. When I shared my story with my SFM group, they did a fund raiser for me. I was so touched by this, as people I hardly even knew where helping me. Fortunately my son was given the all clear after visiting the specialist consultant and we didn’t need further treatment. I didn’t need to use the funds, but still I was so moved at the love and compassion I felt.

My employer begrudgingly gave me the day off to take my son to see the consultant.

Sum Up

If you want to learn more then it’s best to listen to the experts. If you are skeptical, that’s okay, your allowed to, but do hear them out. My mentors’ Stuart & Jay, yes are business men & SFM is a business, but they do deep down have a huge passion and belief in what they do and do want to spread that passion and belief to everyone. Do yourself a favour and hear them out and then YOU decide.


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