you become what you think

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   The secret behind any creation springs from the mind .That is why the creator, the omnipotent ,has put it on top :) to steer the body and guide it through the five senses .Now ,the question is how can we invest properly in our mind ,which stands as our biggest asset we own ?

   The human mind is the garden . It is similar to a farm field , in such a manner that the farmer would cultivate and plant the well chosen seeds in the ground  . In this connection , the farmer has prepared the ground ,planted  and watered the seed . The analogy here is the similarity between thoughts and seeds in a sense that both require cultivation and proper care to sprout and germinate and ultimately  seeing the final and desired crop or product .

   We are projectors of what is happening within us .The good news is that ,we can always positively change the outcome and deliberately direct our thoughts toward our desired end goals.This starts with the belief ,the positive attitude ,the gratitude and most importantly the appreciation for what we already have .Once we have intilled deep within those qualities ,miracles eventually will start to unfold themselves  . Ultimately ,we become aligned with the universe laws .

   To grow and thrive ,we must focus our energies to our favor not against us .This means ,we have to stay alert to what goes in our heads and feed our brains with productive and stimulating thoughts that enhance and reinforce good habits of thinking from moment to moment .It is very important that we shift our thinking from what others can do for me ,to what can I do for others ,how can I contribute ,how can I help them improve their lives ??? By dopting this approach to people and life , we will eventually see results in different forms and shapes . All in all ,we will have managed to amplify the goodness and human potential within ourselves and joined forces to create great things that benefit all of us .

  In nutshell ,the mind is a powerful tool if it is used carefully,it can yield the highest return ever imagined ! I highly recommend that we harness all the fuculties of our brain and direct our thoughts for the common good ,which we all strive to attain in a way or in another .

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