James Dodd

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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a grandfather.

Great big stories of global adventure, and a captive audience sitting cross-legged and wide-eyed...

I enjoyed ten years in the military forces, including time at war. My specialty was weapons and tactics, and ultimately counterterrorism.

I went to sea for two years aboard a 300 foot 22-sail Tall Ship. She was beautiful, and it was my privilege to explore the world's oceans from her decks and yards.

Entering the private sector, I spent five years in the Middle East and Africa. My counterterrorism skills held value to their governments, and the work carried high internal reward.

At this point, I had a sailboat of my own. A 36 foot Italian downwind racer named Atlantica. Her sleek green hull was fast, and yet I took her on a slow journey for over a year. I did it alone. Stopping and starting as I saw fit.

The solitude helped me truly look inward. Along the way, my self confidence grew considerably. It was at this point that I found out just how mentally strong I really am. It was also at this point that I found online writing to be a legitimate way to earn money. Thank God for that!

I now live far from the ocean, adjacent a wild bird sanctuary. There is a creek curling through the backyard, as if it can't decide exactly which direction to go... My house has a lodge-feel, and my home is filled with non-traditional characters that to me mean "family".

I write from home, as I wrote from my boat. In this moment, there is nowhere else I want to be. My goals are great. My needs are simple. My worries are few. And my friends are many.