Jane Marengo

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I am a single Mum to my daughter Olivia, living in the beautiful town of Bournemouth on the south coast of England. I am a cancer survivor and previvor as I have not only beaten breast cancer and the aggressive treatment necessary, but I also recently learned that I have a genetic predisposition to many types of cancer.
I am also a small business owner, having built up three businesses over the last few years. I don't run all of them now, some I had to let go when the time was right but they have each taught me many valuable lessons about myself and business.
I have learned throughout the years to be resilient and to work hard. I know that I will succeed at anything that life throws at me. Most recently I have joined the Six Figure Mentors as a solution to stop having to trade time for money and as a way to enable my daughter and I to have a better life.
Cancer recurrence is something that I think a lot about and the idea of a life that can be more relaxing and less stressful is something that is extremely important to me for this reason.