Janette Getui

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I am a life optimist, proud mother and a child of God. I have been given many names by different friends that I met along the way. Some call me the queen of breakthroughs and I quite like that. My daughter calls me "J Possible" because I've effectively learned how to turn water into wine regardless of the doom and gloom around me, so I suppose there are many tags that could help describe me, but you get to have your own opinion.
Born in one of the biggest slums in Nairobi Kenya I have experienced two very extreme lives in a single lifetime. Having learned the tough way how to break through physical and mental poverty, it is my joy and passion to show others exactly how to attain the same in less dramatic ways than what I used :-)
Success in today's world has taken on a new definition and those who haven't yet caught on and increased their awareness are really struggling more than ever. We are at a point in time where those in the world who are thriving are doing so in bigger and better ways while those who are not thriving are also doing so in bigger and more powerful ways. So authentic, powerful and lasting success needs a makeover in each individuals mind because it's more about the lifestyle, the quality of life and the unleashing of greatness from within than it is reaching some particular destination. Having no credibility, education, connection, funds or good health to build my life upon, I had to pursue freedom via a road less travelled and I believe all that is what has led me to this moment and this awesome community... So now, I wake up each day sharing the good news with others and teaching them how to attain in a lawful way their absolute liberty.
When I am not writing, learning, teaching and connecting with myself, I love dancing, fine dinning, wine tasting, shopping, playing monopoly with my daughter so I can kick her butt :-) Although she wins in all the other games.
Education and music have always been the great loves in my life and the anger that used to drive me and kept me battling on came from the fact that I couldn't get anyone to believe in me enough or find me worthy of getting a good education. I have never lost the hunger to know and in fact I think that deep curiosity and wonder in me got me into a lot of trouble but as well kept me away from ending up as most kids in my slum village. So my ministry is on a mission of growing and spreading a new model of education that doesn't just instil knowledge but offers practical solutions especially in countries where this is still lacking greatly. Nothing gives me more excitement than knowing that soon people everywhere will have access to good knowledge and means of self-sustaining which is what I wish for myself, my child, you, and every individual in the world who desires a better life.
I live on the Italian Riviera by the beach and so my days are absolutely awesome. I feel blessed as I said to have experienced such extreme lives in the same lifetime and I know firsthand what it takes to go from awful to awesome in life.