Jean Laguerre

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Born and raise on a small island in the Caribbean, I always considered myself as a miracle of nature. I did things that I can never imagine doing and I learn constantly. Good things and bad things been happening in my life most during the past 20 t0 25 years but, today I consider that was happening all for my good. And I can easily repeat Nelson Mandela who said: I never lost, I win or I learn.
When I was around 2 years old, my mother said, i have been diagnosed with a kind of incurable sickness by a doctor of the main hospital in our region,by the grace of God I survived in reason of a strong believer, my first mentor: my Grandmother Jeanne St Paul, who was a woman of character and incomparable believer.
During her lifetime till she impacted people's life in her community, the will change her name to Jeanne the Savior.
Back to the hospital when my mother reports to her the news regarding my sickness, her first reaction instead of panicking was: what's the hell! how come following my meditation God gave me my first and only grandson and you come to tell me a someone doctor tell you his going to die and you believe that. You know why < Give me my son> and to make it short, here I am today 48 years from that time, has a dynamic and attractive online servant and entrepreneur today able to get InTouch with people around the globe.
At my early age, she teaches me the power of meditation, the power of respect and self-respect, the power of sharing and above all the power of love.
Lately, when I was around 10 years old my parents separated, I, when to live with my father and him, will become my second mentor. Him also, a great believer, he will teach me the power of self-defense, integrity, loyalty, sharing, hard working and most over the never fear and never give up.
With his tenacity, my father not to educated went to create a several figures business. he introduces me to the business at the age of 14 when I was 18 years old I became his direct assistant. Then, unfortunately, political turbulence, a lake of innovation, without diversification and also some foolishness desire recently I discovered, causing that we lose everything.
From that experience, I learned but I do not give up. The same year I graduated from high school, to be able to pay my college tuition, I when to work in manufacture coincidently by name of ' ALPHA'. For me, that was really a new starting point for my life. I also remember one day my father told me, < whatever you do Son, if you want to do it well you have to do it with your heart.
I apply that principle, I worked hard, I get promoted, I get raises and received recognition but, at the end of the second year, I decided to quit. When I gave my departure letter the human office's manager told me to do you really thinking about what you are doing since I was pretty young at that time. I remember clearly as today, I said yes. He told me to listen I get your letter, you can go home have a deep reflexion and I waiting for you. I said ok but, in my mind, it was pretty clear I will not put my feet at that door again. For me it 's was over, because that wasn't for real what I was looking for.
Later, I graduated from college and from my previous experiences, plus my father's old contact I have been hired by The number one car rentals in the island and became more dynamic than before. After few years, my hard work and my integrity proving, I became at the head office a direct assistant to the director, with powerful confidence and influences. But, in my mind something was still clear, I have to keep on moving under the sky.
After 5 years of indefectible services, I move to the USA, a land of opportunities for opportunity seekers to be true. As for most immigrants, at the beginning, it wasn't been easier for me. I went to confronted all barriers: languages, culture, identity and so on and on.
During that same period, after several considerations my first wife and I, we decided to separate. It's been hard for me it looks like at this moment I asking myself: what the hell going on. But, sometimes as humans been we have to accept the reality even without knowing right away the ' WHY'. Thank God, for the meditation and also the books I read during that period help me to pass over that difficult time.

A few years later, miraculously, I get in contact with my actual wife who I called (archangel Michael) who convince me after several considerations to move to Canada where I live actually.
Since my previous move to the USA and then Canada, I served several big companies like palm beach post, Target, Sun sentinel etc. But never forget my first nature of been an entrepreneur in my soul. Also, I rejected a lot of offers that I feel like doesn't feet me.

And therefore, in my daily persistence, I found the (SFM six figures mentors/ DEA) a business build on a community of like-minded people especially the founders Stuart and Jay who, through their education help me get back on track by creating my Personal online business. I finally discovered something that I really love doing and in the way, I want to do it.
This business is for anyone who has a great desire and really wants to be successful in their day to day life. If created a business that you are passionate about it is your dream, if you able to understand there is no quick pressing button to make you rich but, contrary you can build success by following a process of learning and doing thinks differently, my mentors can help you.