Kath Walker

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Hello, my name is Kath. I am a nurse by training, and I work in a big public hospital in Melbourne Australia.I have done for over 20 years now.
I came across blogging when I began to study digital marketing. This has been a very steep but satisfying learning curve. I am studying with SFM, and I feel like I'm becoming fluent in a new language.I always thought this internet lark was something only open to digitally savvy young folk. Turns out there is no savvy required.
I live at home with my Architect husband and two Labrador dogs. When I'm not at work, I look after my two furry charges... and my husband too. The dogs love their walk each day which usually involves the water somewhere. Aside from that, I try to get to the gym thrice a week, and I really love reading about most things.