Laptop Lifestyle Business for Moms 2018

by Sarah Karlstrom Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Many moms and women today need and want to work. They need to generate additional income to help their families survive and thrive. They also want to work because work makes them feel empowered. At the same time, they need to manage the demands of caring for their families. There is one solution. That is to get a laptop lifestyle. A laptop lifestyle has many important advantages. When moms embrace a laptop lifestyle, they are opening the key to a successful future where they ...
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Internet Communities, are they the future?

by Dermot Mc Donough Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Internet Communities, are they the future? Hi there, its Dermot again. The past weekend I was at a workshop hosted by SFM called the Elite Influencer. It was an amazingly powerful event for everyone in attendance and the facilitator, Justin, was remarkable and he did something that you just don't see that often anymore...... What Happened? What Justin did was help create a community out of around one hundred relative strangers into one group of like-minded people who had each other's backs. Now conventional society ...
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Stress-free Christmas shopping with lovetobrowse.

by Roger Moisan Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Shopping and Product Reviews
Don’t kill yourself this year, shop online with Lovetobrowse. We’ve put together a selection of gift ideas for him, her and the kids so you can save time and energy. Just browse through the shop, click on something you fancy and BOOM! - job done. Oh, and we’ve found the best deals around to save you some of your hard earned cash. Christmas shopping made easy by Lovetobrowse
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It's time to start blowing your own trumpet!

by Roger Moisan Arts and Entertainment, Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
It's never too early or too late to start blowing your own trumpet with this beginner trumpet pack from Gear4Music. Sound a fanfare to announce to the world that you are loud and proud (A brassy £119.99 inc VAT) Student Trumpet, Gold by Gear4music + Beginner Pack. OverviewThe Gold Trumpet Beginner Pack by Gear4music includes a high grade musical instrument with authentic features, as well as all of the accessories you need to get started. This pack is perfect for the ...
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How to improve your sax life quickly!

by Roger Moisan Arts and Entertainment, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
You can dramatically spice up your sax life with this brilliant starter pack from Gear4Music. (A very saxy £289.99 inc VAT) Alto Saxophone Complete Package, Gold. OverviewOur Alto Saxophone Complete Package features the Alto Saxophone by Gear4music; an attractive instrument with a vintage effect polished body and key work, giving you a great combination of sound and style at an incredibly competitive price. Included is a hard carry case, pad saver, instrument strap, mouthpiece 1 pack of 10 x Rico reeds, ...
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An electric guitar is for life, not just for Christmas!

by Roger Moisan Arts and Entertainment, Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
It's something you've always wanted but never been able to justify. Yes, your own electric guitar! You can have it all with this starter pack from Gear4Music, everything you need to become a Rock Star Legend in your own bedroom. Go on, treat yourself. (It's only £99.99 inc VAT) LA Electric Guitar + Amp Pack, Black. OverviewThe LA Electric Guitar + Amp Pack provides everything you need to get started! The LA Guitar by Gear4music is a sleek, versatile guitar that can ...
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How NOT to Teach Kids - The Cookie Cutter vs. The Nurturer

by Chris Sumner Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Reference and Education
The Cookie Cutter vs. The Nurturer I have a very poor opinion of State education in the UK. The formation of that opinion started at a very early age, and over the years I have not experienced anything to change it. Forcing kids through a cookie-cutter because they are not the right "shape" breaks those kids. And doing so with force breaks them harder. What follows is a story from 1976 and my first encounter with the ‘cookie cutter’. It also, happily, includes ...
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I want more out of life!

by Guni Blohm Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
The empty nest. He has only just turned 19, and now he is moving away from home and into his own appartment with his girlfriend. He is my youngest child and now I am sitting here, left alone in a house with too many rooms for one person! I have been a single mom for 17 years, managing everything for my two kids. Juggeling parenting, school, homework, sports, music classes, pets, full time job, rebuilding and old house, social arrangements and coping ...
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Are you tired of just existing & want to get out there & live?

by Dermot Mc Donough Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Good Morning it’s Monday When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing that you did? A) Did you pull the duvet back over your head and dread the day/ week ahead!! or B) Did you jump out of bed, feeling great and sang "Oh what a beautiful Morning"! If you answered B then well done and keep it up, (we will look at how further on) but I can guess that if you have read this far, you answered A. How I started my ...
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Creating Memories Through Camping

by Linda Mountford Recreation and Sports, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
As a mother of three daughters and a grandmother to two boys, come the school holidays, it's always been a challenge as to how to keep them occupied. Yes there are theme parks that can give you thrills a minute, and yes there are science museums that you can interact with displays and get static in your hair, but these are soon over and the cries of "I'm bored" are never far away. With my daughters all grown up, it is ...
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7 Ways To Bring Out The Inner Child In You

by Linda Mountford Relationships, Recreation and Sports, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
We all need to let our inner child play out once in awhile. Doing some fun activities that we probably haven't done since we were a child. Then we can come back and re-focus with renewed energy and vigour. Ready to take on the world!  Here are 7 ways you can do that; Paddle in the sea Even if you've got long trousers on. Let them get wet. Stop being so sensible! Look how children love running along the shore edge chasing the ...
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Whos path do you follow?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Do you follow your parent's path?  Have you been raised to go to school, get good degrees and a good job?  Which path do you teach your children to take? Do you raise them to go to school, get good degrees and a good job?  Are you on the right path, or should you be anywhere else?  What is a GOOD JOB? Is it to work much, have time in queues, be tired, miss your children's progress, first step, first word, first day in school? Is ...
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How will my child manage in University/College? 5 Essential nutrition and life skills for academic success.

by Kimberly Kipp Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
You've done your parental homework, you've selected the best school, and a program with promise. Soon they will be off, into the culture of school away from home. The emotions and worry fly. Will they be organized, safe, and responsible? Basic life skills such as sleep, hygiene and feeding themselves now become a concern. You, as a parent, know that these basic life skills will be important to support other pressures that will unfold. Deadlines, organization, communication, social skills, and relationships.  Here ...
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A New Tradition, Homemade Pizza and Movie

by Naomi Zwaal Food and Drink, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
We have just started a new tradition in our house on a Saturday - we have pizza and a movie. Lucas has always loved pizza - particularly pepperoni pizza! Ordering take away pizza every week can be very expensive, even for just two people. So I decided that for this tradition we were not going to order our pizza but make our own - together. Lucas loves helping to make his own pizza and the recipe I use has no yeast in ...
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Freedom to Embrace Gratitude

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Health and Fitness, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Communications, Kids and Teens, Pets
Is gratitude one of the latest and greatest buzzwords or is it real?  So much is said about gratitude, Opera Winfrey spoke about keeping a gratitude journal on her show for many years; according to Greater Good Magazine research has proven that gratitude improves our mental health; Conscious Lifestyle Magazine published an article titled "The Health Benefits of Gratitude - 6 Scientifically Proven Ways Being Grateful Rewires Your Brain + Body for Health".  These results came up for me on ...
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Is Delayed Gratification the Holy Grail of Success?

by Travis Sleighter Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
   What is all of this talk about delayed gratification being the holy grail of success?  Yesterday, I was at the grocery store and saw this kid who wanted some sweets.  When the Mom said no that’s only for special occasions, the kid proceeded to throw himself on the ground kicking, screaming and crying.  Do you indulge the child because he is making a scene and you're embarrassed?  To Have it now or later that is the question. In the late ...
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To Nursery or not to Nursery?

by Naomi Zwaal Home Based Business, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Do I put my child into nursery and go back to work full time? At what age is it appropriate for a child to be in nursery? Will this damage them? Is there any other option? All these questions go through every parent's mind at some point. It can be so hard for parents who rely on two incomes to keep the house running, to decide what is best to do for their family. Some mothers can't wait to get back ...
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We Need an Education System That Excites Students

by Luci Perry Computers and Technology, Kids and Teens, Reference and Education
Somewhere between primary and secondary school students are losing interest. They go to school to receive an education but does not provide individual development or real learning. We need an education system that excites students.  How powerful would the education system be if we had kids who are excited and inspired in learning and a teacher who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can be? Lately, I ...
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True Leadership

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
We are all called to lead, whether it's just ourselves, in our home with our family, in the workplace, in a social group, in a sports team, schools - leadership is needed everywhere.  It is said that the world needs leaders now more than ever before.  Don't take my word for it, just take a look around you - are you inspired by the leaders surrounding you?  In your family, work space, let's take it up a notch, in the ...
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Usije kurithishwa Utawala

by Benno Mwitumba Arts and Entertainment, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Kama Ugali wa ulezi ni afya basi kasheshe yake utaiona pale utakapo enda faraghani ndio somo kubwa nilijifunza, na nikakomaza mikono hadi leo ina malenge lenge... Ilikuwa mwaka mmoja tulipokubwa na njaa kijijini kwenye familia yetu, akili ya kuomba ilisinyaa kabisa, ndipo nikamwambia Baba wenzetu wanapataje chakula sisi tukose? Kuwa mtoto wa mwisho kuna hatari yake, wenzangu wote kipindi hicho wapo mijini, ndio Mzee Kadenge na Mimi Kadenge mdogo, tulipozaam msituni na kazi kubwa huko ilikuwa ni kukata msitu na ...
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