I Stopped Trading Away My Life For Money

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Our modern way of working just doesn't sit well with me.  I found it difficult to articulate why until I came across an article from Steve Biddulph - one of the worlds best known parent educators - earlier this year.  This article clearly articulated a key reason for me wanting to change my life.  

"We are induced to work long hours without respite for parenthood, or anything like a natural rythm in our days."

That is such a powerful statement for me.  I found the article after I had found the transformational 7 day video series that showed me how to create a new way to work and had subscribed to the education platform to do just that.   The article gave me clarity and increased my resolve to keep heading down the part the create an online business. This clarified for me how I have been trading away my time for money. 

It is through Steve Biddhulphs books and approach to parenting that I have become more and more aware of how my behaviours and the behaviours of other adults in a childs life, shape the behaviours of the children their care and therefore their futures.  As Ihave begun to understand this concept more I have focused more effort on being the best version of myself to my children as their role model.  

The path to creating my online business is another conscious action that I took to model a different way for my children.  I have taken a very traditional path through life - school, university, career - same jobs, low job satisfaction.  I have been teaching my children that it is ok to just move through life and take the easy path.  I wanted to change that.  That path hasn't been inspiring, hasn't brought my great satisfaction, and I want that out of life for both myself and my children.

I see others achieving this sort of success.  Loving what they do, not seeing work as a way to earn the money to pay the bills, but doing what they love and finding a way to generate an income from that. 

The 7 day video series that I found online through a beautiful young woman in South Australia has shown me just how to change my life to achieve what I was seeking. As I watched the videos I began to understand, I began to see, how the education being offered could be used to create the sort of online business that I love and generate an income from that.

On top of the education is an amazing, inspired, motivated, fabulous and generous community of people who are here to support me as I make my way through the personal development journey that this has become.  I have experienced a huge mindset transformation - and the community is right here with me every step of the way.  The great success stories - those people - are 100% available to help everyone succeed.   

I am learning to articulate how liberated my new life lets me feel, how encouraged I am to keep going and keep working to achieve my goals - it is wonderful. 

Here is the link to the article Steve Biddulph, and below is a link to the how to get started FREE 7 day video series that started my on my path to freedom - more time spend with my family.

I Stopped Trading Away My Life For Money

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