I want more out of life!

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The empty nest.

He has only just turned 19, and now he is moving away from home and into his own appartment with his girlfriend.

He is my youngest child and now I am sitting here, left alone in a house with too many rooms for one person!

I have been a single mom for 17 years, managing everything for my two kids.

Juggeling parenting, school, homework, sports, music classes, pets, full time job, rebuilding and old house, social arrangements and coping with an alcoholic ex-husband.

Now, suddently I have no more responsibilities.

Is this it? Is that what I had to give? 

Re-discovering myself.

I knew I had to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

What did I dream of? What had I not been able to do while being a single mom? Who was I and who had I become?


I was the girl who had moved away from home at the age of 13...

I was the young woman, who at the age of 21 moved in with a guy who was an alcoholic.

I was the mother of two beautiful children that I ended up raising alone.  

The challenges life had brought, had definitely shaped me, and given me the opportunity to become the woman I am now.

Being a single mom left me little time to do anything for anybody else, or even for myself. So what could I offer to life now and to whom?

My kids teenage years had by far been the most challenging ones, but also the most rewarding.I had learned enough from life to understand what was going on with their feelings, and mine. 

Meeting their friends comming to our house and connecting with them, showed me, that I had a heart felt interrest in letting them know that they were good enough, just as they are!

My vision for life

If the young pople of this world could understand and believe, that they are all very special and have a wonderful gift to share with this world, I know our world would be a much more loving, peaceful, creative and fun place to live in.

Giving them the confidence that they can persue anything they feel is meaningful to them, has now become my life mission. 

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