Moving...Living on Vacation thanks to our teenagers!

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We sold our life in the city and bought a life in the islands. Our teenagers asked us to move! One step at a time I thought!

A friend asked me after it was all said and done how did you know it would all work out? And I said “I didn’t”. I didn’t know all the pieces. I could only do what was mine to do at the time! We did what people dream of doing. It was not predictable. It was intentional and created.

On the ferry back from visiting a school both my teenagers said “that’s where we want to go to school!” I took a deep breath as my heart stopped! “How was all this going to happen?” In my mind we didn’t have the money to move, let alone pay for this education for 2 children! I changed my thoughts and let God… I made a deal with God. I would trust and only take the next step in front of me to take! My next step was to have the kids apply! Ok that I could do. 

I started getting my house ready to sell. Had garage sales, donated items and boxed items. This was all doable in my days. It was like spring cleaning as my mind prepared to move. But it was still one step at a time. My heart stopped again when the kids got in to the school! Wow! This is really happening!
To complicate things, or in Gods perfect plan, I had been called to spend a month in Mexico and my daughter was going to the east coast to live with family for the summer. So my time frame short! Get the house ready before we left for Mexico. And my husband agreed to put the house on the market half way thru so it would be sold before we got home! And the inspection was complete by the time we landed! So we could make a mess as we packed up the next stages of the house.

The day after arriving home I drove up to look at houses on the island. We had 21 days to move! About 3 days to buy a house do the inspection and qualify for a mortgage! After looking at a home that had a renter in it we decided we could only look at empty homes. So our list changed. There was 1 house as I recall. Running thru this house,
(we had discarded before because it had horrible photos) before we jumped on the ferry home, I said “this house will do”.
My husband came out the next day because the sellers counter offered. And before we heard back again after accepting their counter off I was on the ferry to do an inspection of the house. We got word on the ferry 30 minutes before we did our inspection they had accepted.

It was a beautiful house. As I stood on the deck over looking the rock it was built on I said, “God you gave us a house in a rock! How biblical! Thank you!”

The next 15 days was filled with packing! Renting a truck and logistics. Funny in January, 7 months before, I had booked a trip to Canada on the day before our house in the city closed! I didn’t know how that would come into play but was called to keep the reservations. It became clear we were to pack up, drive away and store the truck for a week while we wait for our house to close on the islands. After a stressful morning of finishing all the last pieces and doing a walk thru we piled into our car and drove out of the country for a vacation! I couldn’t have planned it better!

The stress of the day, disappeared into inspiration, joy and abundance as we dropped our backpacks and fell into the couches in a 28 story condo with floor to ceiling windows over looking this amazing city!! We took a photo & shared it with my sister! So apropos she said “only the Rices go on an international vacation the day they move!”

City living and the kids childhood home of 15 years was behind us. Yes it was heavy, yes it was a stressful morning of weird emotions. We were present to them and still went on living. Canada, was so uplifting! I can’t even explain how it helped us all shift and helped us bond. Not to mention forgive each other from the stressful emotions and words said on moving day. 

There was one snafu that evening. I got an email from our realtor that said it turns out the sellers are leaving the country tomorrow and won’t sign the papers for 2 weeks! Yikes! Fear set in, our truck, our life, being homeless, our dogs… we can’t hang out in Canada for two weeks! Only a week was planned and the kids started school in 2 weeks! I had to start shifting my thinking and know my truth. “It will work out perfectly. This is the right thing. I can expect all right things to work out.”. It’s a lot of work to change the reality that is infront of us. So I decided that only I would do this work so I didn’t share this new reality with my family. I did call the sellers agent and shared that we were in limbo and trusted the sellers with my family and we needed to close next week. He was, as I say, of old school thinking. He said it wasn’t possible, made me wrong and went in circles. We clearly weren’t seeing the same solution. So I politely ended the conversation… and started expecting God to heal this situation. God planned this whole move. This one thing couldn’t stop Him from making it all right. I went to sleep with peace in my heart, but tired from the mental work to change my thoughts and be at peace.God was going to show us the way.

I woke to a humbling email our Realator sent taking all the blame. It wasn’t his fault but he shouldered it with such grace. And right after that an email at 6 am was the sellers agent saying they postponed their trip and they would sign the papers on Monday! God is so amazing! Expect miracles. We ended up closing a day early!

Our house flows, its beautiful and it’s a gift on a rock! The house sold for more then we asked, the new schools tuition was paid & my kids are thriving! We love our life on the Rock! I’m so grateful for learning to only take the next step that’s mine to take! Visualizing your future is your first step...

Jennifer Rice
Live, Love, Laugh, Serve

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