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So this is a story about the sun and a little girl. She was playing in the garden arranging miniatures of plants, animals and humans living in peace on Planet she called Earth. The kid would spend hours to carefully put them on a stone table, but then the day after she used to find them all scattered around. She used to get a bit disappointed, but then she would start again with fresh forces, looking for a new way to find the perfect equilibrium so that this time the wind and the rain could not turn them down.

The sun was watching the story repeat day after day, it was feeling so sorry for the little girl, so it was trying to rise up as early as possible to chase the night to make the minimum harm to her majestic plan.

This morning she ran out early, the first thing in the morning to find them all scattered in the grass and under the table. This time she fell on her knees and cried. She believed she had found the perfect architecture, and she almost did, but the storm had wiped it all away.
The sun felt so sorry so it got himself out gazing from behind the clouds.

Suddenly, the girl talked to him. “Hey, sunny, what are you watching at? Do you want to help?”
The sun felt a bit ashamed as it didn´t want to be known as curious. “Are you talking to me, little lady? Well... I wish I could. This is a very ambitious plan for a little girl like you. How do you expect to succeed?”
“By doing it again, I´m getting better each time, one day I will succeed and you will be here to see.”
“I wish I could help, little lady. If there is a way, just name it!

The little girl smiled at the Sun´s words and said: “You are already doing it, my friend, by keeping me company and rising every morning, thus giving me chance to start it all again.”

Written by Diana Christova
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