Are You Feeling Guilty about Leaving Kids in Childcare?

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Are You a Mum or Dad leaving Your Children in Childcare?

......and Feeling Guilty for doing so?

Your Most Precious Children, your reason for Living, your Whole World!

I offer You some additional Insights as I'd like to help alleviate some general concerns if I may!

Child Care consists of 3 perspectives at least, Child, Parent and Carer/Teacher Perspective

My experience and opinion changed radically between introduction to childcare as a Parent leaving my Child initially, to Teacher/Carer in later years.

I am writing this account in order to hopefully save a few Parents from the Years of Guilt I carried for No Reason because in fact, everything was just as fine and well as it appeared at the time. Don't waste your time worrying, it's either a hint to sort your thoughts & situaltion or simply think better thoughts.

At First I felt Guilty.... then, when I worked in the Industry years later, I changed my mind entirely. This is Why:

  • Childcare workers Love Children
  • Childcare workers predominantly care deeply and also have an amazing Gift with Children
  • Childcare workers Support Parents & Children
  • Love is everywhere, everywhere 
  • Childcare workers don't usually have high pay, so they usually pick/ed their Career with preference of the Joy rather than the Money
  • Children in Care gain so much in addition to their Home & Family Relationships by way of learning to Trust other Adults, Play with their peers, generally gain skills in Human interactions that benfits them short & long term.
  • Chid care Teachers will endeavour to gently & persistently assist your child in the process of gaining some social understanding that may be different than that at Home. Understanding that is not detrimental to their Growth, meaning to follow directions and play interactions with other children. Even encouraging speaking to replace some of their ingrained emotional demonstrations. All Great for Your Child.
  • Routine at Child care is designed around attention spans, playing, feeding, resting, hand washing, dining together. Its fast & Fun at times encouraging delight & interaction, it's gentle relaxing and slow at times with a beautiful ebb & flow to the Day. 

I admit, the Years I was required to leave my Children in Care rather than look after them myself I felt Guilty. I felt Angry about leaving them also.

First & Foremost, My Intention for My Children's Lives as their Parent, is and was: that THEY are fulfilled, Happy & Thriving at being themselves in their Own Life!

I Urge Parents to continue to do your Due Diligence UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED & can alleviate your concerns. Don't go it alone, this Universe has so much to show & share with You that You will not know about UNTIL you Let it In! Enjoy the Share!

undefinedIt does not benefit you or your children to carry on in such a way that you are unsure of what your doing and why!

Volunteer Your Service & Time:

Some Childcare centres will allow Parents to Volunteer their Services which is a great way to covertly witness your child's interactions. You must be abe to appropriately interact & Help with the other Chidren. You must be certain you can allow yourself to be present while you stand back.

You MUST allow yourself to just be present & share the environment that Your child is in. Your Child will only benefit by you standing back, you hand Authority & trust over to another Adult in your Child's presence. This is empowering to those you give that Authority to. If your child see's you do this, it speaks volumes!...Especially if your right there endorsing the environment "with" them.

Listen to the Carer's. Trust Carer's, Big message. Your a Carer, Relaxe & have Fun!

Trust Your Self, Your Judgement & Don't Stop until Your All Enjoying this Life & confidently Happy in Your World. Get Confident & refuse to carry uncertainty that robs you of the Great Feelings that are Potential to you realising this World is a Wonderful & supportive world around You.

undefinedAppeciate the great stuff your all sharing & learning about Life!

Children Love & Enjoy interacting with Other children & Adults too!

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