Best business to start while still working full time?

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Starting a business while still working full time, isn´t that impossible? 

I would say that it depends on which business you choose, but Online Business is a perfect choice if you want to still work full time!

The benefits of working Online is that you have the Freedom already from the start. You can work an hour in the morning, or just on Saturdays, or in the middle of the night. I mean that is just the Freedom you want isn´t it, and you have it from minute one! 

I connected with Stuart Ross, my mentor and the Co-founder of SFM, and here is his replay on the question. If you want to see more from him you can follow me on my facebook page.

Freedom, Travel, Family & Children, Fulfillment, Economy? 

What is your need? Why do you want to start a business? A lot of businesses you can have online. It is not just about selling things, you can also sell knowledge, digital products and therefore you have a lot of possibilities. 

Would the need and desire for more time with your Family be enough for you to start the business? 

For me, it was the Freedom that was first on my list. Freedom to work when I want, not every day 8-17. And I start the business, and I still work full time, but my plan is that before this year ending, that will change. 

HERE is your link to more Freedom and Time. Will you use it? Will we see each other? 

Have a nice day!

Anette from Sweden

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